Our shop


What a fun way to start our week! Can you guess what happened today? We actually went to the supermarket and explored what we could buy with our friends. We went to Lincos. It was really close to Ohana so it took us only 5-10 minutes to get there. First, we weren’t so sure where it was but when our teachers finally told us that we’ve arrived, we recognized the place and some of our friends even mentioned, “Oh...my mommy buys food here too!” What a little neighborhood we had but we could find lots of shops in different corners of our vicinity. As we went inside the grocery store, we found lots of sandwiches, various fruits and vegetables, some yakitori (chicken skewers) and karage (fried chicken). We requested John if he could buy some chicken for us and he gladly agreed because it was his favorite food too. There was also coffee machine on the far side of the shop so we had to go there and see how the machine works. John purchased iced coffee and put the cup inside. The machine made a weird sound and we were waiting for the coffee liquid to come out. It was taking so long to get it out of the machine until the sound stopped. Slowly, the coffee was dripping and it made the cup full of coffee. We were also reminded to get the receipt and we kept it nicely inside the shopping bag. We sang our special song about shopping and the song went something like this…

To the tune of Wheels of the bus

Buds Class friends go shopping, shopping, shopping

Shopping, shopping, shopping, shopping, shopping, shopping (2x)

All day long…

Tell me something that you want to buy, want to buy, want to buy (2x)

At the shop…

___(name of our friend) wants to get some tomatoes, get some tomatoes, get some tomatoes.

Here you go!

What an awesome song! We certainly enjoyed singing this and most definitely, we’re going to sing this for the rest of the week because our theme is all about being a “Shop Assistant”.

Liezel also put out some 3D fruit figures for our special Buds Class Shop. She also created some shopping baskets that we used for buying things that we could get from our special shop. There were two friends who pretended to be shop assistants and they helped us out to get the things we needed. After buying, we asked about the prize and they said that it cost us 20 “money”. Hence, we were given twenty pieces of play money. It was amazing how our friends were able to count and know the exact amount that they needed for our shop.

Earlier in the morning, Miyashita-sensei also came to our class to have our gym class again. He was quite active and we also noticed that he had a very fancy hair cut today. We started our gym session by doing warm-up exercises like running, bunny jumping, frog leaping, and bear walking. It was easier this time because we have been doing this kind of workout for the longest time now. Next up, we had our catch the ball game. The rule was to catch the ball that Miyashita-sensei threw at us and this time, we had to throw it back as well. First, we tried catching just one ball and followed catching two at the same time. It was a bit challenging but it was doable. Some of us were able to catch them but most of us were still trying to learn to use our hands well.

Thank you so much everyone for a great day and see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

Buds Class