The last sensei day!

      Good morning! Today was the last day of this week. Three little teachers were very excited to teach us today. During free play time, we enjoyed playing with blue playdough and making some decorations for Tanabata. Making paper wallet was quiet popular activity as well.



Circle time-Teacher Ben

After we cleaned up, we sat on the carpet as always. Sayaka asked us about being a little teacher.

K: It was not easy.

T: It was easy. I like it.

E: It was VERY easy to teach because I don’t have boots. If you wear boots, it is going to be slow to run.

M: I like it because I like the sounds. I liked playing. I’m not nervous. 


After that Sayaka asked B if he is ready to teach us. B said, “Yes!” He started with our morning song. Then he showed us his dinosaur book and toy bones. He opened the book and taught us their names one by one such as Troodon, Herrerasaurus, Tyrannosaurus...etc. He explained some are fish eaters, meat eaters, or plant eaters. After he finished it, he showed us two toy dinosaur bone figures. One is triceratops and the other is brachiosaurus. This is what we learnt from Ben.

-Triceratops has three horns. I went to dinosaur museum they have a show inside. It said they are  plant eaters that is why I know. He

pointed body parts and said, “This is feet, body, tail, and neck.”

-Brachiosaurus has a tail and is very loooong neck. It has a tiny head. They walk and don’t fly. He pointed to head bone and said, “Inside here this is brain.”                                                            

Q&A time

J: Why do you have a dino?

B: Because I just have them at home.

N: did you buy them?

B: Yes.

N: When?

B: I think long time ago.

T: Do you have lots of dino bone?

B: Yes

Nn: Do you have Styracaceous?

B: Yes but I didn’t bring them because I didn’t mention it.

W: Did you dig dino bone?

B: No.

K: Did you make this?

B: No, I didn’t.

Thank you very much teacher B for teaching us!


After we leant about dinosaur from teacher B, we had snack time. Then it’s teacher N and J’s turn to teach us.

Teacher N: How to ride on skate board

Step 1 : Put my left leg on the board.

Step 2: Push other leg on the street. Then stop with the leg the same one you push.

Step 3: Keep your balance on the board.

What you need is skateboard and a helmet. N mentioned that the helmet keeps your safety. Even if you fall down, it will protect you. He added, “But, I forgot to bring it today.” after that he let us try!

Q&A Time

J: Why do you have the skateboard?

N: Because, I bought it for my birthday. I bought it with my mom.

T: Did you learn it?

N: I learnt it at the park with daddy. There is a park next to my house and we did it at the night.

A: How can you do backward?

N: Because I tried it,

Thank you so much teacher N!


Teacher Jamie: How to ride on M-cro

J showed his M-cro and started talking about it.

J: This is M-cro, first you need to wear shoes. This is light on the helmet. (He showed his helmet and turned it on) He added that it goes fast and slow. He pointed brake and bell out and said, “This is brake and this is bell.” He mentioned the color of it. It was light blue and dark blue. He let us try. He choose his friend who don’t have M-cro and didn’t try N’s skateboard.


Q&A time

T: Did you buy it?

J: It was present somebody gave it to me.

E: Where did you practice?

J: Next my building. I have space next my building.

Thank you so much teacher J!


After we finished leaning something new from our little teachers. We headed to step park. After we came back to Ohana and enjoyed our lunch! It was a wonderful week. We really enjoyed being teacher.

Thank you Flowers for a wonderful TEACHER week!

 Have a lovely evening and see you next weekl!


Flowers Class