Music And Dance


Welcome to the week 3 of Summer School! This week we will be learning all Teachers.  Today, Jess, Evie and Akira became our teachers and taught us dance and music!

It was another fabulous day! Even though it was raining heavily during drop off time, we could not wait to have a circle time with our new teachers.

During free play time, we continued with our Tanabata art. Some  of our friends wrote their wishes to Tanzaku and drew pictures of their wishes. Also,  other friends helped make decorations for the Tanabata tree. There were stripes cut out of papers and glue on the table. Our friends stuck the pieces of paper together to make some shapes. Then we hung them on the Tanabata tree.  We are hoping on Tanabata day (July 7th), we will have clear skies at night with a beautiful milky way, so our wishes can come true.

Meanwhile, Akira, Evie and Jess gathered at the other table with Chiaki and made their lesson plan for our friends. After that, they started to prepare for their circle time, such as singing rehearsal with Pauline, and brought musical instruments from Buds class.

Next, all the friends and teachers made a circle for their small circle time. We started our small circle time with Good morning song, and then we checked the weather. One of the friends checked at the window and said, “Today is rain!” After that, Chiaki introduced a rainy song called, “If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops...” by Barney.  We talked about what kind of raindrops they would like to have and most of our friends said they want to have “Ice cream, Chocolate, Pasta and Cracker” raindrops.  Sounds very delicious and made us quite hungry!!!

After snack time, it was a time for our music and dance class, but the world renowned teachers!

<Teacher Evie>

Evie was our music teacher today!  She asked all the friends to stay at the carpet area and sit down.  She put the musical instrument box in front of her friends.

Evie: Pick one music instrument please.

(Friends picked their favourite music instrument by themselves)

Evie: Play music together. 1...2...3!

(They played their music instruments)

Evie: Stop please. Now, we are going to sing ABC song. 1,2,3... We sing and play at the same time, okay!

(Evie and all the friends sang the song with beautiful voice)

Evie: Good! Next is twinkle star.

(Again, they sang nicely)

Thank you teacher Evie! Our friends listened to your instructions carefully and enjoyed their music time!


<Teacher Akira>

Akira was our music/dance teacher and Pauline became his assistant to play ukulele for us.

Akira: Stand up!

(Everyone stood up)

Akira: Sing I love you mommy and I love you daddy.  Clap hands please.

(Friends sang the song with Pauline’s ukulele)

 Akira: Next Wheels on the bus. Hand action too!

(They sang and follow Akira’s hand actions)

Akira: Finish!

It was really a fun music class, because Akira picked our favourite song to sing!


<Teacher Jess>

Jess signed up to be our dance/ballet teacher for the circle time.

Jess: We are going to do some ballet movement. Hold the ball, drop it and bow.

(Friends were looking at Jess carefully and followed the actions)

Jess: Next, we are going to do feet positions.

(Jess showed 1-5 positions. And friends tried those positions)

Jess: Good! Next is mosquito dance!

(Since we learned this song from Maryna, everyone smiled and danced together)

Jess: Going on the Bear hunt is nexxtt!

(Yet, Chiaki could not find the same song which Maryna dances too.)

Jess: That’s absolutely fine! We can make our own dance!!

(Our friends followed Jess’s dance movements. They were fun and silly steps.)

Jess: Finish!

 We really appreciated Jess teaching us ballet steps.

Great job, Evie, Akira and Jess as music and dance teachers today!


Since our special circle time led us to sing and dance, Chiaki and Kiki put some music on for some more dancing. We sang, B.I.N.G.O, head shoulder knees and toes, and danced a popular song called, “Highway number 1.”

Tomorrow is our last day of being a teacher. We wonder who is going to be a teacher and what they are going to teach us ;)


Have a wonderful day!

Have a nice day and see you tomorrow!

Loving Summer Petals