Rain Rain Don't Go Away!


July 2nd, 2019

♫Rain rain don’t go away♫

Come to us today

We can jump in muddy paddle

(^^♪Rain rain don’t go away!(^^♪

Rain jacket? Check! Rain boots? Check! Rain from the sky? …...Not check!!! Where is Mr. Rain? It is rainy season. We were so ready to play in the rain today, but the sky was not kind to us today. However, we didn’t want to miss this great opportunity to play with rain gears on. We decided to go to the park with them under the cloudy sky. It was so much fun to get wet! Let’s have some interview about our rainy day (pretended) experience.


B:  We got muddy and we remembered when we went to muddy park. I didn’t like to get wet. It was kind of fun for me.

Ti:  It was good because you splashed me with water. I splashed me with water, too. And my rainboots and raincoat and my socks got wet. And I danced with Lisa.

 Z: I liked it. I ran and played with water. I put water in the bottle and I spilled it to Eddie. I ran and Natan came and gave it to Natan.  And Natan spilled water to me.

E: It was very fun. I jumped in the muddy puddle and then water on me. I got wet and I came back and I changed my clothes because it was wet. I don’t want to it again because I like to stay with no water.

A: Water spray on me. I got water on my hair, on my face, on my feet. I liked it!

K: I like it because water was like this on my shin zou. ( my heart) Like raining.  I playing so many water. I jumped in the puddle. Everyone’s shoes were raining.

Sarah: It was good and it was fun because I loved water putting on me. Spray was just like a shower.

W: I made everyone wet and muddy, and then Kai was taking the whole water on me and I ran to the slide because I was too scared and then I was running back to Natan. I saw the muddy paddle and splashed everyone.

A: I was playing with water. I went under the water and I got wet. I played with Taisei.

Our teachers made homemade rain by using special tools for us to enjoy. We liked the water coming from the top and coming from the side, we enjoyed jumping in the puddle again and again. Our boots and our clothes got wet by the rain and our body got wet from sweating a lot. It was perfect idea to enjoy this rainy season in Japan even though it was not really raining outside. We hope we will be able to do water play in the balcony at school soon.


Our circle time topic was “Teacher”. We talked about “What kind of teacher do we want to be?” yesterday. What can we teach? What are we good at? Today, it was next step to be a teacher.

Hisami introduced us to a small figuring she said:

Hisami:  Hi. My name is Hisami. I am a teacher. I am good at……..?

N: Handstand.

W: Yoga.

B: Piano.

Hisami: Yes, I am teaching how to play the piano, but what do I need to teach piano to children?

A: Note cards.

J: Computer.

T: Piano.

N: Xylophone because it looks like piano.

M: To teach the piano, you need a piano stool.

K: Open book and song.

N: You need a book for the song.

Bn: You can use writing the numbers. No stickers. Stickers can be the numbers.

Thank you for your thinking. There were many items she needs to be a piano teacher. How about your case?  Each of us had a being something teacher plan, so we discussed in the group what we needed to teach.

T: I want to be a karate teacher. I need “dougi”, karate belt, karate pants, yoga mat, cushions. And I need to be strong and heavy. Some people will carry if you are too light.

N: I want to be a skateboard teacher. I need skateboard, elbow pads, shoes, helmet, knee pads, my legs, clothes. And I need to clean the wheels.

A: I want to teach how to sing songs. I need microphone, book for the song and chair.

M: I want to teach how to play the glockenspiel. I need stick, note on the piece of woods, you start like do, re, mi….. Not so hard but little bit harder, when you use sticks. I can play ABC song on it. I also need to use hands. And you just need to sit on the floor. I can remember how big it is, but mine is not so big.

S: I want to teach ski. Ski is not food. Ski needs snow. Special costume, gloves, goggles, sticks, boots and ski board. Ski is winter sports. You go to the mountain and slide from mountain.

J: I want to teach Micro. I need strong hands and feet. One small Micro and one big Micro for a student. I need to teach how to stop and go. I can do outside on the street, big long street.


We are getting ready to be a teacher. There are some preparations need to be done. We will have a chance to teach in flowers. Some of us will lead the circle time and will write the journal! Tomorrow, we will have “Skateboard teacher” and “Glockenspiel teacher”. We are excited to welcome our new teachers and to learn something new!!!


Thank you for the lovely day.

We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!  

 XOXOXO, Flowers Class Children