Shop 'Till You Drop!


Dear Mom and Dad,

Happy Friday– even though it was raining the whole day. We were not able to go out to play in the park, but, as the title says, we were able to visit a bookstore and flower shop! Read on to know more about  today’s outing!

After doing our morning jobs, we found  a box  in the middle of the carpet.

“Why is it here on the carpet?” C asked. Our teachers told us that it can be  anything that we want to be– it’s all up to us.  C started to drag the cushions towards the big cardboard box.

“It’s going to be a house!” She decided. As soon as A heard this, he started to put food in a basket, and brought it in  the house. A happily joined, and together with C, they squeezed themselves in the box. 

Near the kitchen area, there was a table set up with Alice’s shopping lists from yesterday. We took turn being the shop assistant, and Alice helped us look for the things in our shopping list.

Some of us sat with Nimo and played with some linking blocks.

“I’m going to make Tokyo Tower!” A announced to everybody.

After packing away the toys, we  sat down with our teachers, and they showed us new baskets for our class.  They said that the new ones are for our lunches, and the big old basket will now be for our afternoon snacks. We will do our best to remember it!

After snacks, we sat with Nimo and we had fun browsing  through our friends’ life books while we were sprawled on the  library carpet. He read us some funny anecdotes or interesting facts about our friends– some of them are not here for the summer school. We had some friends wondering what they were up to right now.

 We had our circle time after. Our teachers handed out  the bags we made filled with our own money.  Pauline said that since we can’t go out to play, we were going to “visit” the Petals Class Bookstore and Flower Shop!  Our eyes were quickly drawn to the flowers we saw in the middle on the table. They were in a pitcher, and Pauline said we have to be careful.

“If it falls down and breaks, we will get an ouchie,” R warned.

“That’s right,” Pauline said. She held up the pitcher. “Because this is made up of—”

“Glass!” A said. We made sure we  were really careful and didn’t knock it over.

The store was finally open for business. Most of us were interested in buying the flowers first. Our shop assistants Pauline, R,  S, C, and M did a fantastic job of wrapping the flowers  in paper, and telling us how much they were. We also bought some books until they ran out of stock, so we bought more flowers. We made sure that we were lined up nicely, like we do in real shops. When we ran out of money, the Bank of Nimo happily lent us more money. We did notice one thing– our shop assistant Pauline kept hiking up the prices of the flowers. We rummaged in our bags and found out we didn’t have enough money. We learned how to negotiate with her prices, especially when the Bank of Nimo was declared closed for the day.

“Hmm… okay, 10 dollars is okay,” R said, even though Pauline offered 8 dollars. Pauline chuckled. But it was cheaper than her original price of 20 dollars!

“Is 5 okay?” S asked when Pauline asked for 10 dollars, but she only had 5.

I only have 5,” C said, when Pauline  asked for 20 dollars (?!)

 “5 dollars okay?” U asked when Pauline wanted 8 dollars.

 Our shop assistant tapped her chin with her fingers, in deep thought. Then she said she will happily accept 5 dollars as payment.

The shop finally ran out of things to sell, so Pauline The Shop Assistant announced, “The shop is closed for today!” We  cheered and we were quite happy with our purchases!

“What will you do with your flowers?”  Pauline asked us.

“I will give it to Mommy and Mama,” C said.

“I will put it in the water,” R said.

“I will give it to my mama then put it in the water, too.” U said.

“I will give it to daddy,” M said.

“To mommy!” R told us. S nodded in agreement.

“To mommy, then in the water,” S said.

“I give  it to Mommy,” A said while waving his flowers in the air.

That concludes our “trip” to the bookstore and flower shop. How about you? How was your day?



All the shopaholics in Petals Class :D