Light and Heavy


Are you ready for another great adventure in Buds class? For sure! Today, we went to the park early because we haven’t been there in a while. We have been busy going around the neighborhood and discovering the different shops around our school. When we got to the park, most of us played hide-and-seek game with our teachers. First, we played by finding our friends around the park and then John had a good idea, he suggested that maybe we could actually use the rope to hide somewhere for us to find. We counted from one to twenty and found out that it was so much better hiding it to places. Our teachers were so clever that they could even hide the rope inside their shirt or pocket. It was hilarious when we realized their tricks. We stayed on the swing area as well and swayed as much as we could together with our student teacher Annie.

In the classroom, we played with our balloons that Liezel made for us. It was a really fancy day because we got so many colorful things to play with. For our circle time, our teachers taught us about figuring out which ones were light objects and which one were heavy. For the light objects, we got twigs, scarves, balloons, feathers, colored tissue paper and wooden blocks. For the heavy things, we took the table, chairs and Life Book box. We did a little experiment with the light objects by throwing them up in the air and catch them as they fall on the floor. We were able to catch them because they somehow floated in the air and slowly touched the floor. It was completely opposite when we did the same thing with the heavy objects especially the books. We piled them up and tried carrying them. It was not easy to just grab and walk around with them. Some of our older friends walked around the classroom to find something that they considered heavy.

Liezel read the book about “Dylan the Shopkeeper”. Hence, we had to take home some created colorful muffins (pretend ones) that we made with our teachers. It was great to see how we could relate and connect what we’ve learned together in class.

We sang our new song “Music of Friendship”. The words were quite tricky but at least we tried singing together with our friends and teachers. After the song, it was a great opportunity for all of us to understand how we love our friends so much. John came up with a tricky question, that somehow sparked an interesting conversation.

John: What do you want to do with your friends?

L: Play!

Adam: Play together at Leon’s house.

J: What can we do to make our sad friends feel better?

A: Give a kiss and a hug.

J: How about if you see your friend hit someone? What should you tell your friend?

A: I will tell him no hitting.

J: But what if they tell that they don’t like you?

A: I will say “No thank you!” If you hit your friend, he’s not going to be nice to you!

J: If somebody hits you, what do you feel inside?

L: Sad!

A: But I love R and L!

Thank you so much Ohana for another great day! See you all again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

Buds Class Children