We are "Shop assistants"


      Good morning!  We had very busy morning with making a lot of goods to sell for tomorrow and Friday. We are going to open a Florist, Grocery shop, toy shop, and hat shop in our classroom. We already finished making sign for our shops. Kai showed us what we made and we really like them! We used a variety of materials to make them. We enjoyed to do it.

 Circle time-

After we did the attendance with Sayaka, we reviewed what we saw while we were visiting some shops in Azabujuban.

M: I saw flowers.

Hisami: I saw green trees.

Kai: A guy cleaning bag.

J: I see pink flower and sun flower.

T: I saw beautiful flower.

A: I saw beautiful neckless.

Kai: I saw a customer at the flower shop.

N: I saw two customers.

B: I saw yellow flower.

Sayaka: I saw customer and shop assistant. The customer gave something to the shop assistant…

N: MONEY! I don’t think its chocolate money and the shop assistant gave her change.

Sayaka: Yes! That’s right. I also saw that a guy had a credit card to pay and asked them to wrap it as a gift. Shop assistants usually ask customer if they need wrapping.


Then Sayaka started doing a role play with S. She pretended to be a customer and he was a hat shop assistant.

Sayaka pretended….she went to inside his shop.

S: ”Irassyai-mase! (Welcome to my shop)

Sayaka: Do you have a hat with a bell? No shop has it…

S: Yes. Here you are.

Sayaka: Do you have a mirror. I want to see how do I look like…

S: Right this way.

Sayaka: How much is this?

S: 10yen. (He used a toy cashier)

Sayaka: I have exactly 10yen. Arigatou-gozaimasu (Thank you very much)

S: Arigatougozaimashita!

Thank you very much S this gives us some ideas for tomorrow and Friday.


After we finished today’s circle time, we had snack time. After that we headed to step park. We could play with petals class over there. We really enjoyed playing tag with our teachers and running ALL over the park.

Thank you for a wonderful day!

 Have a lovely evening and see you tomorrow.


Flowers Class