Teach us now, what is "PERSPECTIVE"?


June 6th Thursday 2019


Morning activities

Our morning started with our daily jobs. This week has been full of changes and everything feels upside down in the classroom even after our official upside down day. The tables and sign up table have moved. The trolleys for our drinks, snacks and place mats are running around, too. We needed to search for them every morning. It is like a treasure hunt to find where they are! We enjoyed something new each day and it made us excited.

One table was for preparation for the party next week. We can’t tell you in detail, but this is a special thing to welcome our families. Another table was a sorting box with plenty of materials in it. It was fun to mix them up and to make ice creams in the colorful cups with some bananas, but it took us a loooong time to sort them into their correct boxes. There are 24 different sections for the different materials. The last table was a junk art table. There were many triangle shapes, construction paper, scissors, and tape for us to use. Whatever we wanted, we could create our own original works. We made a queen, ramen (ramen), a robot, and more.

Practice for the graduation

Three more days to go! Our end of the year party is coming up very soon. Next Tuesday will be the big day, so we spent lots of time to practice. We focused on the transitions; how to come in and out of the classroom, how to line up for the singing and dancing, how to get our certificate, etc. It was not easy to follow all of the instructions, but we tried very hard to show our best performance. One friend asked a question, “Why are some friends leaving school?”. Kai answered, “Because some friends are going to kindergarten, and some friends are staying in Flowers.” That’s why we will celebrate our end of the year party with everyone from Flowers Class.

Dance Time

Maryna came down to teach us dance. It was another practice for our big day performance. We chose some dances, so we practiced these particular ones. We taped our face photos on the floor so that we know where to stand. This helped us to keep a proper distance between our friends. Our bodies were so excited when we were dancing one of the songs, so we practiced it again trying to control our jumping up and down bodies and very big voices.  We hope that our families like our dances next Tuesday. After dance time, we had our snack on the floor. We set up our place mats on our face photos. We were all facing out towards the window and having a picnic snack in our dancing position. It was another new thing to do today.

Exercise time

Because we practiced very hard for our graduation, our time was running out to go outside. Instead of park time, we had fun exercise time inside. Of course, it was our favorite game “Watch the boulder!”. We jumped, ran and laughed a lot.

Teach me Now

Teach me now, teach me now, today is T’s teach me now, ta da!!! This was the very last teach me now for this year. T was the lucky last.

T: I am teaching you how to draw.

Kai: Why is it special?

T: This is far, this is close. Street, buildings. (He was pointing to the pictures for us)

Kai: What do you see on the buildings?

T: I wanted to draw something on the buildings. If it is further, it is smaller. If it is closer, it is bigger.

He started to draw something on the white board in front of us.

T: First, I can do this. Here is buildings (side) People walking (Sidewalk) Other side was the same thing. (buildings) This side is back side of the car, it’s going away. Yellow car is coming to you (front side) I want to teach how to draw the people. This side is bigger.(close)  This side is small. (far) A car close to you, big. A car so far away, small.

Kai: Do you know what this is called? “Perspective”.

T: Any questions?

A: When did you draw the picture?

T: I think Thursday.

E: Why did you draw it?

T: I wanted to tell you how to draw.

E: Oh, I see.

A: Why did you draw only that part?

T: Because this is not easy to tell.

Indeed, T. It was not an easy concept to talk about  or teach about but your drawing and explanation helped us to understand. Thank you for your interesting “TEACH ME NOW”. We enjoyed your drawing technique!


 Thank you for a lovely day, Flowers. See you on Zero Plastic Friday!!!


✿❀Flowers Class Children❀✿