Having fun with Utensils

June 26th, 2019

Good morning everyone! It was such a beautiful day! Hope you all enjoy the nice weather! This week, we are focusing on the topic of “Chef”. Our amazing chef from Petals class made delicious “rainbow bread” and “pigs in the blanket”. Today, we were making yummy paper slice pizza and having fun with table utensils during circle time.

This morning, one table had a color sorting activity. This is a good opportunity for children to practice their fine motor skills by using tongs to get the toy food and improve their cognitive skills. R, E, and B used their fingers to hold a tong, picked up the toy food, and put them in the plates. B said, “This is a banana.” R said, “it’s yellow, put here”. He used his finger to point the yellow plate.

On the other table, Nimo had an interesting art activity called “paper slice pizza”. We used different colors of paper to make mushroom, green pepper, cheese, black olive, and pepperoni. C said, “I love cheese! I want to put many many cheese!” S put lots of olive on the pizza and she said, “Yummy pizza”. M enjoyed making paper pizza, too. She used glue to stick lots of pepperoni on her pizza slice. Wow! Look our homemade yum yum pizza.! Who wants to try one?:)

Since the weather is pretty nice today, we decided to go to the park earlier and enjoyed our morning snack at the park. We need energy to run, jump, and climb in the park. M climbed with her strong muscles; R and E jumped down the stair and turned around on the ground. “3,2,1 cheese”, Nimo said to R. and R showed her silly face, that’s so funny!

After our park time, we came back to our classroom and did the circle time with Annie and Kiki. Annie showed and introduced different eating utensils include spoon, knife, fork, and chopsticks to Petals friends.

R: This is chopsticks! I have at home.

Annie: Do you know what materials are we used to make chopsticks?

R: It’s plastic

C: Soft

B: Wood

M: Soft

Annie: When you go to the store, you can see lots of chopsticks with different materials, like bamboo, wood, and stainless steel. Do you know in the western country, like America and Canada, people prefer to use knife and fork; In Asia, like Japan, China, and Korea, they use chopsticks to pick up food. In India, people used hands to eat.

R: Ooooooo

Petals friends were showing and introducing their own cutlery to their friends.

C: This and this. (C used her hands to hold her fork and spoon)

Kiki: Can you tell us what are they? This one is a ...

Chloe: This one is a fork, it has sharps. You can twirl it. This one is a knife.

Now, it’s M’s turn to introduce her cutlery.

M: Fork. Spoon

R: This is my cutlery. Chopsticks take food.

Kiki: How to eat with curry?

R: I will ask for a spoon

Annie: That’s right! Do you think use chopsticks to eat soup is a good choice?

Everyone: No!

C: You can use spoon.

Annie: That is a good choice.

We know that hands-on experience is important for children. Therefore, we used playdough to make lots of “meatballs” and “sausages” in order to help children to practice using different utensils. Everyone got a chance to choose utensils to scoop or pick up “meatball”. Moreover, they also tried to use their both hands to hold a fork and knife at the same time to cut the big “sausage” into small pieces.

Today is also R’s last day! Petals friends gave lots of hugs and love to R. We will miss you!!!

We had a great day today! Have a lovely evening and look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Loving Summer Petals