Fruit Salad


We had so much fun! The weather was quite sunny and that only meant we could go to the park. Yay! It was raining so hard yesterday and now it is our chance to have a great time outside.

Today, we continued working on our chef’s hat and slowly we’re able to complete making them for all of our friends. Hisami also helped us to make our fruit salad. We got some tasty fruits that we chopped and made small pieces of them. Then, we poured in some yogurt and began mixing them as much as we could. In the end, we loved what we’ve made with our friends and thank you Hisami for letting us do this wonderful cooking experience. Of course, we did all of these with our hats on!

Our circle time was quite fun too because our amazing teacher Hisami. She also has a beautiful voice because she sang our hello song like a singing bird on a tree. She took our stuffed dog as well and we played with it. Hisami introduced the different ingredients that we could use for cooking like eggs and onions and also some fruits like bananas and grapes. She also played a memory game with us by using the cups. We put the plastic food toys in one of the cups and we needed to find out which one got to where. In the end, we’re able to find what we’re looking for. Thank you Hisami for a fantastic circle time.

We went to the park and on the way to the park we had a very interesting conversation.

L: Look! There are so many leaves on the floor.

John: Why do you think they’re on the floor?

L: It fell from the trees.

John: What happens when leaves fall from trees?

Ad: The wind blows them away.

L: Yeah and we can also pull it down.

John: Don’t you think the leaves are changing their color?

L: Yes, they turned brown.

John: Hmm...I wonder why they changed their color.

Ad: The wind blows the color away.

We also found a glove on the ground and our teacher inquired.

John: Oh you think this glove fell from the tree as well?

L: No, just the people put it on the tree and it fell down. Also, there are some houses on the trees too and they don’t fall down.

John: I can they stay longer on the trees and they don’t fall down.

Ad: I want to know why John John…

John: Okay...maybe we can find it out tomorrow.

Thank you so much Ohana for fabulous day and see you again tomorrow.

Lots of love,