Firefighter to the Rescue!

June 21, 2019 Friday Sunny

Petal class: Firefighter gear and Firetruck

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

Happy Friday! :) The weather is so nice today, we went to the park and enjoyed the sunshine before circle time. In the morning, B, E, C, R, A, and S were playing at the art table. They used scissors, glues, and construction papers to make a firetruck with Annie. B asked Annie, “What is this?” Annie said, “This is a ladder, it can help firefighters rescue people.” R was cutting the small piece which is called siren, Annie asked R, “Do you know what is this?” R answered, “yes, it likes a light.” Annie said, “yes, it really looks like a light, and it’s called a siren.” B was so happy, she put glue on her hands by accident, she laughed and said, “Look my hands! It so sticky.” Children were having lots of fun with using scissors to cut, using glue to stick paper, and using markers to create their own firetruck.

C, A, E, O, A, and S enjoyed playing in the playhuts, they were crawling, hiding, and taking care of the animals as a vet in the playhuts. There was also another fun free-table activity in the morning. U, O, A, and C were playing hex blocks with Nimo. Together with their teamwork, they combined all the hex blocks together. It was really long! Wow,! Surprise! Guess what they made? “A circle”! C and O were so excited and said, “We did it! We made a circle” Nimo and Pauline gave a big applause to them. We are so proud of you all, petals!

Now, we were ready to go to the park and enjoyed the beautiful weather! Yeah! ! Children always have fun in the park. Look these brave petals! S was climbing; A, O, and B were walking on the step and balancing by themselves. It’s a good time for children to develop their gross motor (physical) skills.

Time for circle time! Today, we were focusing on the fire-fighter gear and firetruck during the circle time. At first, B, E, and C shared their firetruck shape artwork to everybody.

Annie: “Nimo and Pauline introduced lots of occupations this week, do you remember what are they?”

Arika: “Doctor”

Annie: “Yes, when we feel sick, we can call the doctor and they can help us feel better soon”. How about if my doggy get sick?”

R: “V— V— Vet”.

Annie: “Great! The doctor can help people feel better, and the vet can help pets if they don’t feel well. How about if I have a toothache?”

R: “Go to the hospital”

C: “Dentist”

Annie: “Good job! Today, I want to introduce a new occupation to you all, it called ‘firefighter’. Have you seen a firetruck?”

R:” I saw firetruck, it’s red”.

Annie: “What the firetruck sounds like?”

O: “Wee-ooh, wee-ooh.”

E: “I saw a large one”.

Annie: “Who drives firetruck?”

C: “I drive a firetruck”

R: “Fireman”

Annie: “yes, fireman and firefighter drive the firetruck! So, can fire-man wear a short sleeve shirt to rescue people?”

Everybody: “No!”

(Annie used the laptop to show the pictures of the fireman gear.)

Annie: “what is he wearing?”

B: “hat”.

C: “shoes”.

Annie: “Fireman has special clothes and shoes, it called ‘fire suit’ and ‘fire boots’. It can protect fireman when they rescue people.”

Annie: “Anyone knows what is this?”

Nimo: “I think it is a snake”

Children laughed and said, “No, this is not a snake”.

Annie: “This is called a ‘hose’. The hose is a hollow tube to carry water, and fireman can use this tool to put out the fire. It is an important tool for a fireman to carry with them. “

What a wonderful day! Hope you all have a great weekend and we are look forward to seeing you all next week! We will have lots of fun! :)


Firefighters from the Petal class