Vet Clinic

Welcome to our Flowers Vet Office. Our morning was full of preparation for our very own vet bags. We had some patients visit us today who were suffering from some interesting symptoms. Our local vet was busy taking care of them.

What kind of items do you think we need to look after our sick animals?  How do we use them to make our animals feel better?

Items we made for our vet bag

1. Veterinarian Medical bag

Some friends didn’t finish making their bags, so we continued this activity today. They did the same process of fold a big construction paper in half, make holes on the two sides, stitch them together, drawing big red cross and some animals on the bag. It took time to complete these amazing works of art, but we enjoyed sewing and drawing with our friends.

2. Stethoscope

This is a very important item for us as vets. We used some pipe cleaners and a paper cup to make original stethoscopes. It has two long codes to keep in our ears and we can wear it just like a real vet. We even checked our teachers’ and friends’ tummies with it, to make sure it worked. We sure felt like we were real vets, with it!

3. Prescription Medicine

When we go to see the doctor, most of the time, we receive medicine to get better. We made a small envelop to put some medicine. We wrote our names and drew red cross on it. Small buttons were our pretend medicines of choice. Each of us got five “tablets” inside our medicine envelope.


4. Bandage

This is also a necessary item for our animals. We rolled the long fabric into small rolls, just like we roll our yoga mats  after the quite time at school. Only difference was that it was much smaller than the yoga mats. We practiced using our fine motor skills.

5. Shots/Injections

This was a popular item to make , even though we don’t like to get them. We used colorful plastic sticks as a needle and paper as a outside. We saw that our pretend injections had some numbers and lines on it, so we drew them too. We were excited to give  shots to each other. Ouch! Ouch!

6. Thermometer

We got this idea in the last few minutes of our activity time. So we will continue to make thermometers tomorrow. How can we make it? We will have to think about it more over night!

Consultation Time

Three animals came to our “hospital” today. Hisami pretended to be our local vet.

The first one was a huge snake. He came in with his voice cranky and bad cough. Snake had a problem with his throat. What can our vet do to help him? Check the throat!

Doctor Hisami took a long stick from her vet bag and checked inside his mouth. It was very red and dry. Poor snake! She gave him some throat candies to heal the throat. Take care, snake!

The second visitor was a long neck giraffe. He came in with his neck wobbling. He told the doctor that he fell down on the stairs. Doctor took the “X-ray” of his neck and found out his neck bone was fractured. Some friends also shared their experience of taking x-rays of their teeth, legs and arms. So how can our vet help him? One friend said he needed to drink medicine, another one said he needed to put “white one” around the neck.  Good guess... we can wrap bandage around his neck to protect and support it. Doctor Hisami wrapped his neck carefully with the support of a stick to keep his neck straight.  Be careful, giraffe and see you at your next check in!

The last visitor was Mr. Dog. He had no energy. He didn’t want to eat or drink, because his tummy didn’t feel good. He complained about his body hurting and feeling burning hot. What is wrong with him? One friend suggested we can make him cold with ice! Doctor Hisami left to get an ice pack, and kept it on his head to cool him down. Another friend said we needed to check his temperature, so Dr. Hisami took her thermometer out. Wow, Mr. Dog had a high fever. Also, doctor needed to check his tummy with her stethoscope. His tummy was not working well either! Mr. Dog got a big shot and some medicines. Please have a good rest, doggy!


That was all for today. Tomorrow will be our turn to become vets. Who will come to out Vets Clinic tomorrow? Which items will we use to take care of them? Is our vet bag ready with all the important tools? Is everything in it? We will have to find out tomorrow...


Thank you Flowers for a wonderful day!

 Have a lovely evening and see you tomorrow!


Flowers Class