Going to the Dentist!

It’s another beautiful summer day and we had such an exciting second day of school. With new friends and teachers it’s a fresh new start for us and makes it that much more thrilling. Our friends from Buds Class have already gotten used to our routines in Petals class. Our theme for this week is about jobs that keep us healthy. Yesterday, Pauline talked about Doctors and how they check our heartbeats with stethoscopes and temperatures with thermometers. And if we don’t sound or look like we are in good shape, they can give us shots to help us feel better. The Doctor kit was sitting out in the carpet area today for us to follow up on what we learned yesterday with our friends. On one of the tables we had playdough and a head where we could insert playdough teeth and operate on them with pinchers and drills, my oh my was drilling fun!

Nimo set up an art activity for us with toothbrushes. At this point we have a pretty good idea on what the theme was for today, but we will keep it to ourselves for now. We dipped the toothbrushes in paint and we painted with them, Nimo showed us a fun way of making patterns using the toothbrush. He ran his finger through the hairs of the toothbrush and it flung small specs of paint all over the canvas, and our faces. The messy art activity quickly got even messier when we started painted our hands and using our hands to mix the paint on the canvas.

Once we got all cleaned up and helped our teachers clean up the tables we made a circle, Ra volunteered to be a teacher’s assistant and read a book for the class while the teacher’s got ready for circle time. Ra read us a book about astronauts and he did an amazing job explaining the pages to us. After he finished the book Nimo was ready so we gave our Assistant Teacher a big round of applause and we got right into singing. We sang the good morning song and then the “How are you today” song. We were all happy!

Nimo then asked us, “Do you remember what we talked about yesterday?

Ch: “Doctor!”

Nimo: “What does a doctor do?”

Ak: “Heart! Check badump, badump”

Ol: “Check temperature!”

Nimo: “What are these?” (points at teeth)

Ri: “Teeth!”

Nimo: “Doctors are people that take care of our bodies, who are the people that

take care of our teeth? D…..de….den….”

Ev: “Dentist”

Nimo: “What can we do to take care of our teeth?”

Shelley: “We can eat lots of chocolate!”

Petals: “No!”

Ak: “Brush teeth!”

But what happens if we do eat a lot of candies and chocolate and don’t brush our teeth? We had a new friend “George” come and show us what happens. George was in lots of pain and because he ate a lot of sweet things and never brushed his teeth, the germs called cavities started digging big holes in his teeth until it started to hurt… a lot. We helped him out by either taking his tooth out or drilling out the bad parts. We then talked about how after all of our baby teeth come out and our adult teeth grow, that’s the only set of teeth we get, no more new ones and we should take care of our teeth, or we will end up like George.

Since we all did a great job listening and participating, we had a little extra time until snack time, so we got to play some musical games with Nimo! He played a song on his ukulele and we did two actions, like jumping and turning, kicking and jumping just to name a few. Next we played a version of a musical stop game where we listen to the song and if it was playing slowly we would spin around slowly and if the music got faster we spun faster and when it stopped we all had to stop, and the hardest part was just standing still! We had tons of fun and some good laughs, but our tummies were at it’s limit and we needed to get some snacks.

We gobbled up our snacks and all got ready for the park. Nimo read us a book about going to the dentist called, First Experiences: Going to the Dentist by Sally Hewitt. After the book we all walked to the park and played on the slide with Annie or the swings with Pauline. Anyone that wanted to play tag with Nimo went to the green area and ran around. We took frequent water breaks so we wouldn't get dehydrated.

What a fun day! We can’t wait to come back tomorrow! Thank you everyone, see yall again!


Professional Tooth Drillers of Petals 2019