Long Park Day!

Dear Mom and Dad,

‘Twas the day before the party… and all through the classroom… everyone was busy– even the mouse!

Hello, and welcome to our last Tuesday together *sob*. The morning free play time went by like a blur; some of our friends were busy completing their portfolios with their teachers. The rest was a *blank*.

“Petals, what did you play with in the morning?” Pauline asked us in the afternoon. “Did you play with something?”

“No, no, no,” Sota said. “I read books,” he told her.

“Hmm..we were playing with soft toys,” Rico was trying to remember.

“Soft toys and books,” Sara added. “I took my baby on a beach trip,” she said.

“Yeah, me too. I went to the beach with Sara,” Rico said.

“I played pirate. Then I can’t remember,” Shinji said.

“The animals were sick, and I was giving shots,” Ryoma said.

“Oh! I remember,” Pauline said. “You were giving me shots, too!” She jokingly grimaced, and Ryoma giggled at this.

After our free play time, we packed away. We had our snacks on the floor again, as our tables are littered with different end– of– the– year things that our teachers were busy with. I think we eat much better on the floor, as we don’t make a mess.

Rehearsals time! We made sure we knew where we were going during the performance, who we were going to look at and follow, and what we were going to say. Our teachers gave us a pep talk about what we need to do when mommies and daddies are around.

“No crying,” Yuiko said.

“No holding to mommy’s hands,” Rafael said. They were right. Absolutely no whining, and no hiding behind mommy’s and daddy’s back. It was our last party together, so we everything needs to be special. We should have fun! We can’t just do what we want to do, and we need to listen to the teachers.

We had so much fun rehearsing our performance. It was very high– energy! We were all sweaty after, but we were beaming from ear– to– ear. Tomorrow will be surely exciting– so mommies and daddies, be sure to put your dancing shoes on!

We helped the teachers move things up to the office.

“Oh no! Where’s our kitchen?” Jess said. Some of our friends were helping Sayaka carry the cushions.

“But why are we moving them upstairs?” Benjamin asked.

“Hmm… what do you think?” Our teachers asked.

“So we can make more space for tomorrow?” He asked. He’s right, there will be a lot of people coming tomorrow! We’re all kinds of excited right now!

Circle time! Rico had a special gift for us. This was a good bye and thank you gift from her, before she left for Shanghai. She will still be around for few weeks of summer school, but she didn’t want to miss out on any friends who will leave earlier. We are very sad to say good bye to her, but we also wanted to say good luck for your new beginning in Shanghai! Again, thank you so much Rico-chan.

After we finished snack time, we headed to step park! We played in the green area with Sayaka and splashed around, with Pauline and Kiki at the tap area. We had such a long time in the park, that by the time we came back, we were hungry, hungry hippos!

We had wonderful playful day with our friends!

Thank you for wonderful day!

Tomorrow will be our last day: Pajama Day!

Have a wonderful evening and see you tomorrow.

Love Petals


Thank you for wonderful day!

Tomorrow will be our last day: Pajama Day!

Have a wonderful evening and see you tomorrow.

Love Petals