The Day Before...

June 12

One whole year we have been together, learning and growing. Slowly building confidence and showing empathy. We have come such a long way, and tomorrow is where a chapter of our life will reach a grand milestone. Our End of Year party is coming up and we are all busy getting ready. We want to invite our beloved mommies and daddies to join us and show them what we have done over course of our school year. With so much we want to share we have lots of work that needs to be done to prepare!

As usual we started our morning with free play time. It’s amazing to see what kind of new play our friends can think of. A, L, and R got the wooden food toys shaped like berries and did a neat little trick with them. They got a plate and they twisted the tip of it and spun it like a top. They were very good at it, even better than their teachers! Our toys that we play with everyday has limitless ways of play and something new is discovered everyday, we are creative!

We eventually packed away our toys then got in-to a circle for a little bit of circle time. We started with our good morning song just to get our singing voices warmed up. Nimo made a new song for us. We would sing a sound of a letter and then we guessed who’s name it could be. Like, “a a a… a a a… Who’s name could it be?” We would then guess who’s name started with the “a” sound. It was a fun and musical way of practicing phonics and learning a little more about our names.

It wouldn’t be a Buds’ Party without lots of singing and dancing! We practiced some our favorite songs today to prepare for tomorrow! The songs were going to sing is going to be a secret and a surprise for tomorrow!

The weather is starting to brighten up since our super wet Monday. If it’s not raining, then there isn’t a reason for us not to go to the park! Tamara let us borrow her soft frisbees to play with. We took turns throwing and catching. A short while later our Flowers friends joined us at the park and we all played with the frisbee together.

We got back to school and we read Sheep In A Jeep by Nancy Shaw, it was a silly book and Nimo’s silly faces and sounds made the story much more engaging and entertaining! The big day comes tomorrow… We are so excited to have you all join us and can’t wait to have some fun, together! See you all at the Party!

Love, Buds