Que sera sera

What a wonderful world it is! We spent the early part of the morning doing many things at the tables. We spent a lot of time drawing, cutting, creating, pasting and making interesting art work. We used scissors to cut out some tiny things and our teachers cut out shapes as well. We enjoy working together with them because some of the things that they do, inspire us to be even more creative and challenge ourselves fur-ther. Kensei is extremely creative when using paper and scissors and he always makes things that he can wear. Today he made a crown and some attachment for his T-shirt and he wore them to the park.

We played with plastic and wooden figurines at the large table and created our own imaginative play scenarios around them. We mixed them together so we had wooden people, plastic animals and animal counters. Our animal counters are in five different colours. There are elephants, lions, rhinos, giraffes etc in green, red, yellow, blue and purple. Some of the plastic figurines were of people and their various professions. We are aware of these since we were talking about what we would like to be when are big.

Shelley went downstairs to Petals Class as it was their End of Year party and while she was there, we decided on who would take home, the posters that we made for our party. We decided to count how many children were in the class today and we counted how many posters we had to share. We decided

that not everyone could have a poster so this is the conversation we had:

Taisei: It’s okay, maybe we can make one

Ai: Maybe we can bring it back to school then other friends can take it home

Alona: If you want all of it you can make it at home

Our discussion continued because we realized that we couldn’t really make it at home because we needed all of our friends to make their own hands and we don’t live with all of our friends. We live with our families.

One poster had our hands on and it said “Thank You for coming”; the second one said “Our Cambodia Story” and the third one was of all of our hands and our names. We don’t like to throw things away so our teachers let us choose who can take something home. The way that we did it today was by pulling names out of a container. Our teachers each chose a name. Kai chose Io to take home the hands poster; Liezel chose Braxton to take home the sign that said “Our Cambodia Story” and Ai took home the sign that said “Thank you for coming”. It’s nice to have souvenirs from Flowers Class.

We decided that we wanted Shelley to read Monkey Puzzle to us. There was a bit of a hiccup during story time because we had evacuation drill. The whistle went off and we couldn’t complete the story. We were so quick to go under the tables and then go down the stairs with one hand over our mouth, pretending that there was a fire. We combine Earthquake and Fire Drill so that we know what to do if either of these emergencies takes place at school. We wanted to go straight to the park but we had our indoor shoes on so we went back upstairs and took our indoor shoes off and put our outdoor shoes on, while sitting on the stairs. Shelley took our indoor shoes into the classroom and made a mountain with them. When we came back from the park, we played our fun, “Guess whose shoe it is” game…….and then we finished the story.

Park time was filled with lots and lots of roly poly’s and throwing and catching and running and climbing and balancing.


Thanks for a fun day. Love all of the children in Flowers Class