Fruit Salad Yummy Yummy :)


As we worked on our morning jobs, we looked around to see what fun there was today...At the carpet area, Nimo had taken out one of our favorite toys, the BIG Lego blocks! It is so much fun stacking the blocks and building a tower taller than our own height. At one table, some of us enjoyed sitting and quietly matching picture cards on a board. At another table, we made some more playdough since we all love sensory play. Today we added a color and glitter in the dough—one friend said that it looks like “strawberries!” It is fun making playdough but it is even more fun after it is made when we can squeeze, pat, cut and make different shapes.

We soon packed away our things and got ready for Maryna’s class. We loved the Scarecrow song and even before Maryna demonstrated for us we were all down on the floor pretending to sleep. We also learned two new songs today. We first learned how to make position six with our feet (toes and heels touching together) then position two (heels apart and toes facing out) and we tried jumping from position six to position two, six to two, six to two until our legs got quite tired. The next activity was like Stop and Go; in a big circle, when the music went fast, we walked on our tippy toes, when the music made a marching sound we straightened our legs and arms like soldiers, when the music made a jolly sound we galloped like horses. It was hard to remember how to move our bodies just by listening but some of us were using such good listening ears!

For circle time, Nanako showed us some different vegetables and we tried to guess how to call them in English and Japanese. There was a garlic (“ninniku”), red pepper (“togarashi”), parsley (“paseli”) and beans (“soramame”). These vegetables were in fact some of the vegetables that appeared in a book we read together and it was called Oya Oya Oyasai by Chihiro Ishizu and Koji Yamamura. The book was about the vegetable characters running a marathon race. After the book Nanako said, “Okay, then shall we make something with a red pepper?” We all answered, “Nooooo!” Next time she asked, “Shall we make a fruit salad instead? We all answered cheerfully, “Yesssss!” So we each got a chance to hold a knife and to cut some bananas, kiwis, lemon or strawberries. We were guided how to grip a knife firmly near the blade and how to hold the cutting object away from the blade…yes, it may sound scary but as long we are guided we actually love helping our moms and dads in the kitchen.

After filling up our tummies with our yummy snacks, we prepared ourselves to go to the park and with the extra fruit salad to pump up our tank we had so much energy to burn off! We loved screaming and running away from the scary Nimo monster, we loved holding hands with Chiaki and exploring the insects and funny shaped pebbles hiding at the park, we loved pushing each other on the swings and we loved going down the slide with John John. We had extra fun seeing and playing with our friends from Petals and Flowers class!

Thank you for another beautiful day!

Love from the Buds.