Teach me how to make an origami airplane

You can see the background of our journal today still has some photos from Cambodia in it. The one on top is of Chiaki in the Kindergarten Classroom called Ohana Learning Tree. The bottom photo is of the elementary school which Nishimachi built many years ago. The children who attend Ohana Learning Tree will graduate and go to the elementary school afterwards.


You can see from some of the photos that we will post later in the journal, that we are work-ing on the actual book of our CAMBODIA STORY, which we will present at our end of the year party. We went through the lines that we will say for the actual event and our teachers said that we can use our own words when we are presenting the story for you. We noticed that many of our friends are still away and perhaps sick. We don’t know if anyone is sick but we do know that some of them are still enjoying their Golden Week holiday in places far away. We are looking forward to their return so that they can practice with us. We are also in the process of completing the illustrations and will start on the water colour soon. We drew the pic-tures with pencils and then went over the lines with a black marker. The last part is to paint the shapes with water colours. Kai has guided us through this art project which was his idea and we are grateful that he wanted to challenge us; and we are rising to the challenge.


We have almost completed our Mothers Day breakfast preparations. Today we took the photos of all of our mums and made two things. The one is something that grows in a garden and the other one is ………………………….?????? Can you guess? We are not going to tell anyone what we made today. If you come into our classroom, you may spoil it for yourself so please wait at the door if you need to come and pick us up. We are trying our best to keep as much of what we will do on Monday morning, a surprise. Our teachers were amazed at what we did this morning, for our Mothers Day art project. They noticed how much detail we added to our work and we in turn looked up to see what we had created, with pride and huge smiles.


Hisami and Liezel helped us create the second Mothers Day art project which is something that grows in a garden, which we mentioned before. Actually what we created are all going on our Mothers Day Tree. Our seasonal tree has become and Mother’s Day Tree; and it has moved into a new position in the classroom. It is now in front of the purple felt board which is a beautiful background; and it stands out more. We spoke about the Mothers Day celebration and were wondering why our mums didn’t come to school today. We then went through

The days of the week; and then the date today. Then we spoke about Sunday being the actual day called Mothers Day, which we can celebrate with our families at home. So, why are we not having the Mothers Day breakfast on Sunday? Well, do we come to school on a Sunday? No, Saturday and Sunday are called “the weekend” and we don’t come to school on the weekend. So that’s why we have invited our mums to come to school for Mother’s Day Mon-day breakfast. We really wish that it was here already!


We sang some songs that we will be singing on Mother’s Day. We have included one about love because we love our mums sooooooo much. There are so many reasons why we love our mums:

They cook for us

They play with us

They read stories to us

They make our school lunch and snack

They help us put our clothes on (our teachers prefer to hear that we put our clothes on by ourselves)

They bake cookies with us

They are kind to us

They care for us

They let us play in the park

They bring us to school every day

They tuck us up in bed……………..

There are so many reasons why we love them and sometimes, we just love them because we love them!


We were so busy this morning that by the time we were ready for snack, it was already 11 o’clock. So our teachers asked us if we wanted to go to the park or eat snack. Since it was a beautiful sunny day, we thought that the park was the best option so our teachers said that if we wanted to, we could eat snack with our lunch. Some of us did but the rest of us decided to take our snack home. Our teachers realized that when we are so busy, food is not important. We are going to try to have a free snack time from tomorrow. This means that we can eat snack any time we want to, up until 11am. What fun! We are looking forward to seeing how it works. Tomorrow is our Thursday Maryna Ballerina dance class, so we are not sure if everyone will have the opportunity to eat their snack before she comes to our classroom.


We had a short library time because we were all so busy working at one of the tables or building something on the carpet. We love the trains and take it out of the storage area every day. We are glad that our teachers give us options and we can choose what we want to play with. Puzzles are always popular but the one we have been doing is way too hard so we packed it away and will maybe take another one out tomorrow.


Today was Mares’s TEACH ME NOW and he brought a long a plan of how to make an origami airplane. He had clear instructions on the paper for us so we could all make one exactly the same. He told us first to fold in half; make a triangle and close fold outside; then flip open. He explained it to us in beautiful English and then showed us how to actually fly it.

Taisei: It’s so quick

Natan: You are so good

Sarah: When did you make it?

Mares: I’ve just made it now

Alona: Why did you bring lots of origami?

Natan: I think he wants to teach us how to make it.

Our teachers are trying to encourage us to think carefully when we ask questions. They said that it is important to listen to what our friends are saying and then ask questions based on our thinking and concentration. Sometimes our questions do not show this. This is also about showing caring and consideration to our friends and respecting them. When we ask questions, we can think about why we are asking the question.


There are so many things to do as we prepare for the end of our year together in Flowers Class. We can’t believe that it is flying by so quickly and we are maximizing our time together each day. We hope that everyone has our Graduation Party written into their schedule so that everyone can attend. It is on Tuesday, 11th June, 2019.

Enjoy the beautiful weather today and see you all tomorrow for Thankful Thursday

Love always from all the Flowers Class children