Imagination Taking Flight

Wow! What an exciting and super fun filled day we had today!

As we arrived into our classroom, a lot of Petals friends remembered what Pauline promised them yesterday!

Rf: Pauline are we doing airplane ? Remember you say yesterday?

J: Today is airplane right?

S: Can we do plane now?

R: I want to make two airplane today!

Yes, yes, Petals we remember. The table is all set up for you! One by one we crowded around Pauline and waited for our turn to make paper airplanes. A few minutes later our carpet area was covered in flying planes from one corner of the room to another!

Some children raced with each other to see how far it would go, whilst others aimed it towards an object, to see if they could hit it. Some friends were also being cheeky and trying to aim towards their teachers...heheheh.

Most of our morning was spent playing with paper planes and discovering flight!

We then cleaned up and got ready for a quick circle time. After yesterday’s discussion about wastage, Kiki read a very special book called The LORAX by Dr. Seuss. The Lorax is generally considered to be a cautionary tale about environmental destruction and selfish greed. In this interpretation, the Lorax represents the environment and those who defend it. While the Once-cler represents greedy companies that are never satisfied with their profits and continue to expand and consume natural resources (our trees) despite the terrible damage they do to the environment. 


After reading the book, Petals class felt very pained to see all the trees gone. Many commented that they wouldn’t want to play in a world without animals, trees and clean air. They also wondered where the Lorax went and when would he come back?! Kiki added that the little boy in the book with the seed represents not only 1 boy, but all the children in the world, which included Petals. She added that Petals children have the power to protect and save the trees. If they thought about it, THEY speak for the trees...wait, but who else speaks for the tree...THE LORAX! Wait a minute...does this mean THEY are LORAXS too?!?!?!

As you can imagine, this blew their tiny little minds. They were confused and excited to hear that there could be a chance that they themselves were the Lorax inside!

Using this momentum, Kiki brought out a cool activity, were children made themselves into the Lorax. With this we ended our morning circle time and got ready for snack.

Petals really wanted a long time at the park today, so Kiki had yet another short, but fun learning center with KIki.


Today we did a fun tracing exercise. We passed around photos of each other with a tracing paper attached on top. Petals children practiced their tripod grip and had to follow their friends facial features. As you can imagine they absolutely loved it! Children kept lifting the tracing paper to see how different their picture looked from the original. Children also started noticing head shapes, eye shapes, smile lines and how much hair someone had. These are details that children generally don’t see at first sight of a photo.

With this exercise they learned to focus on more details around them, whilst working on their fine motor skills.

Once we completed our art, we headed out for a long park time!


Have lovely evening and see you all next week!

Loving Petals