Colors and Shapes

May 30.JPG

Can you believe it—we are nearing the end of school year?  Over the days, weeks and months, we have grown so much in height and weight but we can do many things that we were not able to do when we first walked into Buds classroom.  Some of us were using nappies to make our pee pee or poo poo, it was a lot of work just holding on to the rope to reach the park, we were gripping on to a crayon to get some lines and circles down a paper and now we walk into the classroom, and some of us are already using the bathroom, we can run and jump, we can hold a pencil nicely and draw a face :)   Look how far we have come!  Of course, we are still growing and still learning everyday and you we will see how far we will go, far and far away!

Today, after finishing our morning jobs, we looked around and there was a couple of puzzle stations, there was also a table with play dough and the other table was full of colors!  The puzzles kindly brought in by Tamara, from easy to challenging levels are a big hit!  We like to find a spot in the classroom and work on a puzzle usually on our own and once one is completed we move onto the next level with one big confident smile.   Needless to say, we enjoyed making tapioca using play dough with John John who was craving for a glass of bubble tea this morning. We also loved scavenger hunting using colors—red, yellow, green and blue.   We each picked a colored bowl and in it, we selected things on the table—like teddy bears, matchsticks, tissue paper, blocks, and threading shapes—that matched with the color of the bowl. 

Shortly after, we all helped clear away the carpet area to get ready for Maryna’s ballet class.  We have always loved this time on Thursdays learning new and old moves and songs.  In fact, we are preparing a little performance for the end of year party so please look forward to it! 

After giving our big thank you hug to Maryna which has become our ritual, we gathered for our circle time.  First, we played match-the-shape-and-color game.  One by one, we each had a chance to come up and pick the matching pairs.  When a friend was not sure what to do, other friends were eager to help.  Our teachers love our helpful and sharing spirit!   Hey, we also learned one big word: RECTANGLE which is a shape that looks a bit like a square but it has two long sides and two short sides. Then, we read a book called When I Grow Up by Steve Anthony—a  story that explores all the possibilities children dream of doing when they grow up.  Using the figurines, we talked about some of the different professions.  Here are some the answers from the friends.

Nanako: When you grow up, what do you want to do or who do you want to become?

A: Car Fixer.

C: Teacher.

H: Police officer.

R: Pilot.

A, L, O, R, and T: Fire fighter.

In twenty-thirty years time, how nice would it be to meet up in the same group and find out how we have all grown up to be!

 We certainly couldn’t miss the beautiful weather outside so after eating our yummy snacks, we put on our smocks and hats and marched out to the park.  We had a wonderful time racing with our friends, going down the big slide, playing hide and seek, going on the swings and learning how to play hopscotch!


Thank you for another lovely day!


Love from the ever-so-growing Buds.