It was a warm Wednesday


It was a lovely day, with not nearly as much heat from the sun; and even a few sprinkles of rain in the early morning. It seemed like the perfect day to go outside and play in the park, once we had completed our “work” in the classroom.

If you had walked into our classroom this morning, perhaps you would have said, that we were a bunch of busy bees. We were “buzzing around our hive”; reading books, drawing, writing, measuring, pasting, cutting, sewing and of course, all the time, chatting to both our teachers and our friends. Our sewing activity is inspiring more and more of our friends to attempt to create something with needle and thread. We have pieces of hessian and large plastic needles with different coloured yarn for sewing inside the weave of the hessian. Since some of us mastered the art of sewing yesterday, we added to the lines that we learnt on and Liezel drew shapes on the hessian. Now we are sewing designs in beautiful shapes, with needles and yarn. This is such a fun new skill to learn.

We practiced telling our Cambodia Story and most of us know when to get up to read our specific page. Some of us know the words off by heart and some of us create our own words that are related to our page. We know from the illustration on our page, what it means and what words are suitable. We then stood and practiced our one song where the boys and girls sing separately. It is a very old song that we think, everyone knows, however our teachers changed the words to make them non-gender specific. The real song has words for girls that are “pretty and rich” and for the boys, “handsome and strong”. Our teachers think that these words are not really appropriate for girls and boys today so they changed the words for the girls to be “be successful and strong” and for the boys “have courage and go far”. We love singing this song.

Mares and Braxton completed their two pages in their workbooks/portfolios, with all of our faces on them. Our books are filling up and some of us have had to have some pages added for the final work to be pasted into them. We will be giving these to our parents as gifts at the end of our Graduation Party; which will then be followed by a Pot Luck Snack party. We have so much celebrating to do as we come to the end of this school year.

Hisami continued to measure a few more of our friends and we also completed our pictures that we are sending to Cambodia. We wrote our names and what we love to do in Flowers Class. We wrote Lego, books, dressing up, ball games, boulder game, friends, drawing and soccer. We will send them off with our Ohana Learning Tree book that we made for our party.

We played with the sorting tray and colourful cups and emptied the entire sorting tray into them. At the end of our morning table time and free play time, we had to put everything into the small boxes. It took quite a while to sort all of the things as there are 18 different boxes with 18 different materials inside them. There are small square mirror shapes, wooden circles, buttons, pieces of material, pieces of wood, plastic buttons in the shape of a bow, plastic flow-er shapes, coloured matchsticks, coloured glass shapes, transparent plastic shapes, wooden shapes, paper circles in different sizes and more.

Thanks for a fun Wednesday. It wasn't Whacky Wednesday though.

Love all the children in Flowers Class.