Happy (Belated) Birthday!


Happy (Belated) Birthday Maryna, Sayaka, and Nimo!

Today is another special day, as everyday is a special day for us! But today is little more special because we have a birthday to celebrate yet again. This time it is for our teachers at Ohana! Our morning started like usual and we packed away like usual. Our teachers began moving everything to the other side so we knew something was going to happen. It’s not Monday so it’s probably not Gym class. It’s not Thursday so it can’t be Ballet either. Hmm… What could it be? We sang some songs with John and moments later our flowers friends came down and joined us for a few more songs. Petals came in and Maryna, Sayaka, and Nimo sat on a chair in front of us and Shelley began to explain what we were doing. We were celebrating their birthdays today because they were born in May! We first handed out some birthday crowns for our birthday celebrants to make them look more like birthday people. Shelley then asked us what else we might need to make them feel more special. We all prepared a special card for our beloved teachers and we handed those out, complete with a great big hug. Last but not least was the cake with a candle. We all counted to ten and the teachers blew it out. It’s so amazing to celebrate such a special day together and share the happiness. We sang some birthday songs and it was time to part ways with our petals and flowers friends, for now. We all know what comes next, we lined up and started washing our hands. Since last week we have been very careful of how we use our water and taking responsibility for how much we use. We turned the tap on by ourselves, making sure we weren’t using too much water, and after we finished washing hands we had to make sure to turn the tap off before we went and wiped our hands. The sun was shining very brightly and calling to us to come play outside. So that is exactly what we will do! But before we do we had to practice our Earthquake drill. We heard the “alarm” bell go off and we all dove under the table very quickly, it went so smoothly we were finished in an instant. We had an unique guest at step park today, he was the city gardener and he was taking care of the plants at step park. It was fascinating to see how high up he was and he had a weed whacker aka whipper-snipper, and he was trimming the grass. It made a loud noise, but we were far enough away it wasn’t intimidating. We were amazed to see the gardener at work and a few of us just stood and watched him tidy up our park. Thank you Mr. Gardener! Moments later our petals and flowers friends joined us and we all played together under the beautiful sunshine. We can’t wait to go home and look at the pictures together with you and talk about our day! Thank you again everyone for another Wonderous Wednesday and we are excited for Thrilling



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