Day 1: Monday

We arrived this morning to see our tables packed with things to do. We had many things to prepare before our special event on Wednesday.

We have been practicing our cutting skills, and our creative designs. Petals have been very excited and looking forward to sharing all the wonderful things they have prepared.

We then sat down with Kiki to see what we had done for Mother’s Day yesterday!

Ryoma– I make card for mom and my sister and me give it to mommy!

Jamie– I do so many things. I was surprised. I don’t know who buy it! I give cookie, card and maybe flowers, I don’t remember.

Rafael– I do nothing because I didn’t know.

Yuiko– I play with mommy and friend in park. That’s all.

Rico– I make card for my mommy and give hug and kiss to her.

Lio– My sister make card and post it. I don’t sister do.

Shinji– My brother and me make card and give present.

Harriet– I gave my mom a present! And I give her a hug!

Sota– I make it a card and give mommy big hug and kiss.

Evie– I played mama. That’s all. Mama was happy.

Magnus– I made a mothers day card at home for mommy!

Sara– I made a card too. And I want to give flower and big hug and kiss to mommy.

We then further discussed Wednesdays plans and what part Petals children will be playing during the event. We did some “training” sessions with Kiki, and worked on our holistic healing and “customer service”.

We hope Petals will be ready for Wednesday!


 Day 2: Tuesday

We arrived yet again this morning to see last minute art we had to finish up before the big day tomorrow. We completed our big poster and put in our final touches in our cards.

At the carpet area we had babies and the kitchen in full swing! Some petals said, “This is going to be our Mother’s day lunch for mommies.” I think Petals are really preparing themselves for tomorrow!

We then sat with Kiki to practice the day tomorrow and our special movements. Kiki reminded Petals class again the importance of us doing what we will be doing. Our loving mothers are always helping with everything in our day to day lives.

Though we have to say thank you everyday, this day it’s a special day to only focus on mommies. We had Children’s day for children, Happy Birthdays, Girls days, etc. Just like that we have Mother’s day.

We this we started practicing… You will have to wait and see what we have up our sleeves, or this case our FINGERS and HANDS!

We had our snacks and then got ready for Sayaka’s Yoga Time! We did some interesting yoga poses today. The most fun part was that Sayaka did not talk. Petals children had to look with her eyes and follow all the movements.  We are getting quite good at yoga!

Hope you are excited for your special day tomorrow mommies.



Day 3: Wednesday

Happy Happy Happy Mothers Day again to all our loving, kind, hardworking mommies!

We all arrived this morning excited for our special day! We quickly did our morning jobs and made a circle. We invited all are mommies to come in.

Kiki greeted everyone by saying, “Welcome to Petals Class Spa Resort.”

All mommies were welcomed with zen/spa music playing in the background. Lights were turned off for a relaxing ambiance.

We set up 3 stations with 3 special menus. We had our Breakfast tea time station with Pauline, jewelry making with Sayaka and massage station with Kiki.

Petals children were given the instruction that to day they would be the mommies and the only thing your mommy could do was to relax! If they want water, they have to say, “Relax...I will get it.”

We sung  “I love you mommy” and “you are my sunshine” to our mommies. We also gave our special cards and gift vouchers to our mommies. Pauline explained, rather than giving a gift, like the years before, we decided to give our mommies an experience they can remember.

We were so proud of all Petals children for trying their best and helping their mommies relax.

We truly hope that you all enjoyed today and had a wonderful time with us. Thank you again to all mommies who were able to make it today. As we mentioned during good bye time, we truly appreciate all the effort, love, hard work, kindness, sacrifices  you all make for your children. They haven’t gone unnoticed. The support you give the class, Ohana and the children, will be forever cherished.

Thank you for being an amazing mother to your child and the support you give each other! Happy Mother’s Day!

Have lovely evening and see you during the Parent Teacher Conferences!

Loving Petals