Mother's Day Music and Breakfast


Good morning everyone! Today is a special day and we’re very excited to have our moms to come and visit our classroom. It was Mother’s Day on Sunday and we celebrated this with them today. We didn’t have some of furniture in the morning because most of our things in the classroom were transferred to the office so that we could make more room for the event. We noticed the beautiful decorations around the classroom. The tables were covered with colorful drawings of roses. Truly, it was a day that we all worked together to make it extra special for all the moms.

After gathering all our parents, we started our circle with our “Good morning” song. We went around and asked about our names and our moms’ names. Some of our friends knew their mom’s names but others said that they call their mommies, just mama, mom or mommy. There were several grandparents and a dad who came to our classroom to celebrate this momentous event.

Then, we started our mother and child dance. We sang our songs that we’ve been practicing a while such as “Skidamarink”, “You are my sunshine”, “I love you, mommy” and “Moon River”. It was a lovely time for everyone to feel the songs and show our affection to our mommies and to show how important they are in our lives. After our dance number, we were given a task by our teachers. We gave our special gifts to our moms and they were all happy to see what were inside. We made them a coaster and a bookmark. When we gave them our gifts, we said, “I love you” from the bottom of our hearts. It was such a delight to have them today and to have this day of love and care for the best woman we know.

We smelled yummy food cooking and we got really hungry. Our teachers prepared delicious dishes such as waffles, sausages, scrambled eggs and salad. Thank you so much Chiaki and Goh-san for making such wonderful food.

We bid goodbye and said thank you to our amazing moms, grandparents and a dad after breakfast. Again, we would like to thank you all for coming to our small gathering and we indeed appreciate the amazing things that you do for Buds class each day. It is truly a blessing for all of us to have you and your children to be a part of this awesome school community. Have a great day and see you all again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class