Mothers Day breakfast


What a special morning it was in Flowers Class with all of our mums in attendance for the breakfast and gift giving. We all had our own family Mother’s Day celebrations yesterday, so it was a bonus to be able to celebrate with them in school. The morning started off with us serving breakfast and playing on the carpet with our mums. We were waiters just like in a restaurant and asked them what they wanted with their pancakes. They were able to read the menu so they knew what was available to eat. Unfortunately many of the items on our menu were “sold out” and this made them realise what a popular restaurant Flowers Class restaurant is.

We had to rush some of the patrons in our restaurant as the chef was closing the orders for breakfast so we had to tell our mums to eat a little quicker. We encouraged them to have their conversations after the meal. Then we all sat in a large circle around the circumference of the room. Our mums, and us too, were so excited that the volume in the class was really high and our teachers didn’t want to shout so……...Hisami had a great idea. She turned the lights off! Everyone went so quiet. It was funny. Then Shelley could speak and everyone listened.

We sang “Love is something” and “I love my mummy” songs. We love the “I love my mummy” song so much and Shelley told us that she and all the teachers have been singing the song in their minds for days. We think that our mummies liked the songs. After singing with huge smiles on our faces, we had our gift giving ceremony. We gave our parents the gifts that we made for them, over a long period of time. We hope that they will use our coffee cup holders when they get coffee from a coffee shop.

We want to thank our mums for coming along to share in this special morning with us. Happy Mother’s Day to all of our mums and to our teachers too, who are likes mums to us every day, when we come to school.

TEACH ME NOW This morning it was Anika’s TEACH ME NOW. She taught us how to make Power Balls. Our teachers asked her: “Why is it called a Power Ball?” She wasn’t sure and continued to explain to us, how to make them.

4 tablespoons of coconut flakes

2 cups dates


2 cups oatmeal

• put the seeds out of the dates

• Mix oatmeal in food processor and add coconuts, and dates and mix into a paste

• Make the paste into a ball and roll into coconut flakes or kinako powder

She showed us which one was the coconut flakes one and which one was the kinako powder one. They were in two different containers.

Children: Wow, I like it.

Taisei: When did you make it?

Anika: Yesterday

Ai: Did anybody help you?

Anika: Mommy did. She taught me how to use this way and that way (the processor). It was going like this (she showed us with her fingers spinning round)

Taiga: What’s coconut flakes?

Anika: Coconut flakes is yummy (she showed a real one)

Ethan: Who’s going to eat it?

Anika: Everyone

Kai: Why is that called a power ball?

Anika: I don’t know. Maybe my mommy knows. Maybe it has power. Maybe Superhero power.

Taisei: Who wrote that one?

Anika: Mommy

Thanks Anika for bringing along Power Balls for us to taste. They were sooooo delicious.

We had a lovely time with Miyashita Sensei in gymnastics and yoga with Hisami. We really ap-preciate having our yoga class as it helps us feel grounded and calm inside our bodies. While we have this beautiful feeling, we also know how good the yoga poses are for us.

Thanks for a fabulous day.

Love all of the Flowers Class children