Reflection and Wonder

We had a wonderful day today, catching up with Rafael, Rico and Lily!

We started our day with some number activities and puzzles at the tables. Friends who did not get the opportunity to write out numbers, before our break, were able to complete it today. At the puzzle table Petals children sat with Pauline, focused to finish a 50 piece puzzle… and they did!

At the carpet area children played with dolls and cars. A very popular choice for the past few days. There have been lots of “Dads” driving around the class and “Moms” looking after the babies. Today we have some “Dads” looking after the babies and some “Moms” walking around to pick up the babies. So interesting to see how our every day lives can mirror their play time.

After our morning free play, we sat with Kiki to greet everyone and see  what everyone had been up too for Golden Week. Before we asked our friends about their holidays Kiki had something important to say, “As we are coming to the end of our Petals class adventure, there are a few things we would like Petals children to think about. One, we would like you to think by yourselves first, when thinking of ideas or problems that you have. Second, always think of good choices and bad choices. There might be somedays you will make a bad choices, but remember that is for you to learn from. There are no mistakes, only lessons to learn. And third, let’s make beautiful memories with each other, as some friends might be going to different schools, some to Flowers class and some will help us in Petals class next year to teach our younger Petals friends. No matter what, remember that Petals teachers will always be here if you need help or just a little hug. Sayaka, Pauline and myself are very proud to see what wonderful children you all have become, even though at times you all made us cray-cray...hehehe.” Petals children all smiled and laughed to each other. 

We then went on to ask Rafael, Rico and Lily what they were up to for golden week…

Rafael: “I go to Okinawa with my brother and mommy and daddy. We go swimming. There was beach and then another water with hot and cold water… We had to wear something so it was not too dangerous for us. It was very deep. I see water outside and inside too. I do so much swimming...It was little bit cold there.”

Rico: “I go to Shanghai. I go in the airplane and go to China… So many people is there speaking Chinese. My mommy cannot speak chinese, so I help her and speak. …(Eddie asked, “Did I teach you Chinese?)! Kai teach me. You and me just talking…(Kiki asked, was there anything surprising, scary or fun that you saw?)… I see something grey and round, like circle to eat. It was surprising to me...It was not bad. It was yummy, so yummy! Eddie do you know the name? (Eddie- “No I don’t know!)...I see daddy and I was so happy. But daddy coming after 6 sleeps.”

Lily: “I go to Taiwan and airplane. I go with mommy and my sister… (Kiki: Sister? Do you mean brother?) No… my sister Austin. No daddy, daddy is working in Japan. I go to see Grandpa. (Kiki: What did you like about Taiwan?)...I play so much!”

Kiki then explained the concept of our show and tell, and the importance of sharing our thoughts and ideas to one another.

With this Ryoma sat on the chair and started his show & tell…

“Today I bring photos from Cambodia...picture and book! I do this picture at home….(Magnus: how did you do it?)...I use paint and my mommy help me little bit. It take long time to do. This is picture of Cambodia flag.  I bring phot. This is photo on my in swing...This girl is pushing me. She was very nice to me...This picture is in their house. They have no chairs. Their kitchen is downstairs and ground is dirty like park. This is inside school...Ohana make this school.  This picture I help put lego in the lego box. We help put toys away…. I think I can help Cambodia friends by giving things, shoes and socks. They don’t wear socks and some don’t have shoes. I see it and it surprise me… This is book of Cambodia but it is form Japanese. Inside book so many pictures I see in Cambodia too. Look this is crickets bug. Kiki say Cambodia people eat bugs and see here is same.”

Kiki then explained a little bit of the choices of food they have and why they eat bugs. Petals were very interested to hear that bugs are actually good for you, it’s the idea of “bugs as food” that we are not used too. We can disagree with that idea, but we have to respect their choices.

Petals children also asked some wonderful follow up questions too:

Rafael: What did you see in their houses? Is it far or close to school?

Lio: How did you get to Cambodia?

Rico: What colour were Cambodia friends hair?

Magnus: Where was their kitchen?

Brooke: How did you get to the plane from your home?

Sota: Did you try the bugs?

Chloe: Did you see their mama?

After the show & tell Kiki introduced a book that she had bought from Cambodia. It had so many picture of Cambodian life and it’s culture.


We had a day of reflection and wonder!

Have lovely evening and see you all next week!

Loving Petals