We had another adventurous day. We started the day my not doing our jobs in the morning, which we thought was strange. Why wouldn’t we take out our snacks and lunch to put them in the correct boxes? And we didn’t have to pick our jobs for the day either? All we had to do was sign our names on the sign in sheet and put on our smocks. Wait does that mean?... Are we going to the park? Already?


Sure thing! As soon as everyone got here we put on our backpacks on and said bye to the school. Kai said we’re going on an excursion! We went to Amishiro park to play, have a picnic for the day and to the post office to deposit the coins we’ve collected for Cambodia. Look at what fun we had!

It was the last day for this term but it was also the last day for someone as well. It wasn’t one of our friends but a teacher. Sadly, it was Maki’s last day because she’s going on maternity leave. We sat in the park and wanted to say something it her.

Tai– I love you Maki

Na– When your baby comes out can I see her?

Maki– Yes, maybe I can bring her to your graduation.

Mo, Ethan, Ava– I love you!

Or– When your baby comes out can I hold it?

Mo– When does your baby come out?

Maki– May 7th, the day after Golden Week.

A, Or– Are you going to come back?

Maki– Hopefully, it depends if there is room for the new baby.

Et, An– I want to give a hug.

As you can see we are very aware of what happens when a mom has a new baby because a lot of us have new babies of our own. Maki also has something to say to us.

Maki– Thank you it’s been a great time. You guys have been great. I really don’t want to leave yet but hopefully, next time I can stay longer. Love you!

We also gave her a place mat that we made with all our pictures and names on it. We’ll miss you very much Maki! We will see you during Hanami for the last time.


After we got back we had enough time for Hisami to read a story to us. But this wasn’t any ordinary story. He wear an apron and had puppets in the pocket. This kind of story telling is called apron theater. Acted out the story by putting on the puppets on the apron. The story was about achieving what you want. If you have good intentions then it will happen but if your intentions are bad then nothing will happen. It was a wonderful theater! Thank you Hisami. What a great way to end this day. We were all really happy that we get to go home early today to get an early start for spring break! Thank you for a fantastic semester and we’ll see you next term in April.



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