Evacuation Drill

We  discussed this morning how important evacuation drill is. Even though it’s just practice run, this will help us to imagine and ensure our understanding of how to evacuate safely.

were blooming! We wondered if we could do “Petals picnic” there….

  Good morning Petals! We greeted each other, did our jobs and got ready for our morning free play time. Today, we enjoyed sorting again. At the table we continued sorting coins for our Cambodia friends. At the carpet, some of us enjoyed sorting little toy animals, coins, transportations vehicles, and etc...Since, our kitchen area “reopened”, we were busy with “cooking” breakfast. Eddie invited teachers to have breakfast. Kiki and Pauline were too busy to come and join us, but Sayaka could go and enjoy the yummy breakfast they cooked.. Sayaka asked us if we eat ice cream or some cakes in the morning as breakfast. WHY NOT? We couldn't help having big smiles on our faces. Some of us said, “We love ice cream but not for breakfast!” hahaha!

Sayaka then told us about evacuation drill today. We are going to Nanzan elementary, so we will have early snack, park, lunch, and quiet time today. Sayaka mentioned about 3.11. It was a very sad time in and unforgettable disaster in Japan. The big earthquake hit Japan and she told us that inside her parent’s house there were lots of damage. Her mom was so scared. In Tohoku, on 3.11, a lot of people couldn't evacuate safely because they were panicking too much. But, there were some children who evacuated safely... They actually did evacuation drills every month, so when the real thing happened to them, they just evacuated without getting panicked. “Preparation is the key” So, once again, our teachers told us evacuation drill is very important and we should do it seriously. They added that they always will make sure we are safe, so we need to listen to them at all times. Our jobs as teachers is their safety!

After that they asked us, “Should we go to the park?” we all said, “YES!!”  We had so much fun at the park. Sayaka did another apron theater at the park, this time it was the Billy Goats Gruff! We felt that spring is just around the corner. We got back to school and had early lunch and quiet time.

Wake up! Wake up! Our teachers woke us up early and we were headed to Nanzan elementary school. We did such great jobs and were so fast!

Thank you for a great day everyone!


Tomorrow will be NO Plastic day and dismissal @11:30

We are excited and looking forward to having

International Food Day Party

Have a wonderful evening and see you tomorrow. Love Petals