We are the calligraphy artists


Spring has come! Mr. Sunshine showed up in the sky and we felt that we are going to have a gorgeous day with our friends.

We did our morning job with little help from our teachers and after that, we looked around the classroom to see what we could play for the morning free play time.

We continued free drawing at the art table. Our friends used different colours of markers to make their white paper as a rainbow. Also they coloured their hands and stamped their hands to the paper. At the other table, we set up town puzzles with paper transportation and people figures. It was fun to connect the puzzle pieces together to make one big town, and pretending that we were driving the cars.

At the carpet area, there were many different kinds of dinosaurs and animal toys. The dinosaur toys were always our favourite toys to play with. We enjoyed making the dinosaur’s sounds and walked around the classroom. When a teacher asked friends to clean up, Ak said, “Clean up, everyone! Mummy is coming!!” We cleaned up the toys as quick as possible because we could not wait to see Ak’s mom. While waiting for Ak’s mum, we gathered at the carpet area for attendance and had some finger exercises with John. After the finger exercises, someone opened the door. It was Ak’s mum, Ha and grandma, Ma for international month. They started to set up our table with papers, special brushes and black paint. Ha sat on the chair and she said, we were going to do a calligraphy activity today. Calligraphy is one of the traditional arts in Japan, China and Korea and Akira’s grandma demonstrated calligraphy with huge calligraphy paper which called, Hanshi. She wrote OHANA, 家族(family) and 絆 (bond) to the Hanshi. After that, we had an opportunity to write or draw something on the Hanshi by using the calligraphy brush. Ak’s grandma kindly helped us to write numbers, Japanese characters, alphabets and shapes, such as triangle, square and circle.

At the same time, Ak’s mum and Chiaki called friends’ name one by one to write their name together with Japanese characters . It was a great experience to see our name with Japanese and write them by own with Ak’s mum and Chiaki’s help. After finishing both activities, we gathered at the carpet area again. We sung the “Thank you” song and gave warm hug to Ak’s mum and grandma to show our appreciation. Thank you very much for coming our class and did the wonderful calligraphy activity for us, Har and Ma ;)

After that, we had snacks and went to the park to feel Mr. Sunshine. We were busy playing with the slide, swing and play tag with not only Buds friends but also, Flowers friends. Since we played a lot at the park, we decided to go back to school and had a yummy yummy lunch with friends.

Thank you,

We are the Calligraphists.