Gym class inside and outside!

          It’s Friday, yay! Although it is a little bit chilly outside the sky was just how we liked it, Sunny without an ounce of grey. A beautiful day like this wouldn’t be able to keep us inside the classroom! The moment we entered the classroom our friends would ask our teachers if we could head over to the park. We wanted to go to our favorite park, Amishiro park, but our teachers told us we didn’t have enough time today, but instead we have a special guest on his way to buds! After we packed away our toys we sat down with Nimo and had a short music time. We chose two actions to do and Nimo would sing a song while we did the actions like jumping and kicking or shaking and nodding. We all sat down against the wall and sang our favorite song, “It’s A Small World” with all of our friends.

Miyashita-sensei entered the classroom and our friends were a bit confused. Gym class is on Monday, today should be Friday…? Our teachers clarified everything by telling us that Miyashita-sensei wouldn’t be joining us next week so he was doing an extra gym class this week instead. Either way, we love gym class so an extra day with Miyashita-sensei is not a problem! We did our usual warm up routines and then went straight into playing some games. Our time with Miyashita-sensei went by in a flash and we all had to say goodbye until April.

We went and had our snacks and got ready for the park. Chiaki read us, “Press Here” by Herve Tullet. It was a neat little book that kept changed colors and shapes when we pressed the color it asked us to. It was really cool how it did all that and it really grabbed our attention. By the time Chiaki finished the book all of our friends were now ready to head outside for park time! Our teachers brought a big sack full of balls that we all went crazy for. We tossed, we kicked, and ran with the balls. The sunshine was nice and warm. After running under the sun our jackets started to feel super hot so we all decided to take our jackets off. It felt so nice! On our walk back to school, we needed our jackets because we weren’t running anymore. With so much moving we did today we were pretty exhausted when we entered the classroom. We just washed our hands and dug into our lunch. And that’s the end to our busy day in Buds!

Hope everyone else had a lovely day and has a great weekend!

We will see you all again on Monday!



The Little Athletic Buds of 2019