March 11th

March 11th, 2019

In the early morning, we had lots of  activities for free play. Since last Friday we had international day there were pictures of Indonesia on the wall with markers in front of it. We could draw and reflect on Indonesia. There were pictures of Komodo dragon, rafflesia, orangutan and the bull dog bee. On the other table we worked on our Australian group art. We drew the stuffed animals first with pencil, traced it with a black marker, colored it, cut it and glued it on our poster. Woo! That’s a lot of work but our art is looking amazing! We wonder what else we can do with it tomorrow. On the floor we picked out which activities we wanted to play with and we continued to work on our big dog puzzle from last week.

We started circle time by having a short “sharing time”. Some of us has something to say and other don’t which is just fine.

Or- Gammy is coming to play with me tomorrow. She’s from America. She is my friend and Verity’s friend. 

Wil– I didn’t come to school all the time because I was sick.

A– Today, when I go home, mom’s flamenco friends will come to my house. Mommy said she’s gonna eat dinner at my house. 


After we were able to share our thoughts we did the calendar. Kai told us something happened today eight years ago. We didn’t have a clue what he was talking about because we weren’t even born yet. He said on March 11th something tragic happened to an area of Japan called Tokoku. He then explained what happens when there’s an earthquake and what happens to the ocean. He explained what a tsunami is. Temma has heard of it before and said, “I know tsunami, then (at that time) my daddy’s sister is helping everyone in a wheelchair.” We still don’t really know what a tsunami is so we looked at a picture of a tsunami and wondered what is happening.

Kai– What can you see here? What do you think?

Ai– Boat, big wave.

Natan– How can the water go so close?

Kai: Great question, is the water suppose to be close to the houses and trees?

Class: NO!

We then looked at a birds eye view picture of a couple landscapes.

Kai– What do you think happened after the big waves?

Ethan– It might get all wet.

Ava– It will break.

Ai– It might go under the ocean.

Temma– It might slip and bump into things. (Talking about the cars)

We flipped over the picture and observed it some more.


Natan– Why is it black?

Temma– Because it’s night.

William– The earth maybe came down.. Then and the earth broke… and it…

Taisei– Maybe it was going to fall down like this. (Talking about the tower)

Natan– Maybe the water wash the house.

There was one more picture of the aftermath. This time you can really see what happened.

Kai– What happened to the houses and cars?

Class– Broke.

Emilie– They don’t even have food.

Kai– How do you feel?

Emilie– Sad

Ai– It’s very scary.

Yes, it is scary indeed and we hope that we won’t see another disaster like that again. In respect to the people that were lost, we sat completely silent for one minute to give them our blessings and prayers.


When we finished snack, we switched gears to get ready for something that happens every Monday… You guessed it Miyashita sensei! We started by stretching our body and practicing our new move that we learnt last time “Tokyo tower”. Then we did different styles of running and then on to somersaults. Our main goal was to practice backwards somersaults, first we did it in twos and then everyone had the opportunity to show our friends what we can do. At the end of the lesson we always look forward to the game. Today we played one of our favorites “Wan, Yan, Bu”.

After gym class it’s time to work our bodies more and relax our mind with Hisami’s yoga session. We started with a little bit of meditation with our little baby friend (Buddha). Natan was sitting calm and peaceful just like our little baby friend. The poses we practiced today were mountain pose, butterfly pose, chair pose, camel pose and two new poses triangle and warrior pose. Then we ended with the popular “do nothing pose”.

We were so calm and relaxed that during lunch time we didn’t talk at all. We wanted to play the quiet game and whispered to our friends. It was a great way to end this rainy/ sunny day. We wish you all had a calm, peaceful and thoughtful day like we did. We look forward to see what tomorrow will bring.


Flowers Class Children