Day at The Park

How can we stay inside today? Mr. Sunshine came out and let us have a loooog park time. We usually eat lunch after a fun park time, but today we had Maki’s(Flowers teacher) birthday party!

  Good morning Petals! We greeted each other and started doing our morning jobs as always. We continued our art activities with Kiki and Sayaka. Kiki said that our painting is almost finished You can see our beautiful painting at the GIVE event.  Some friends are very excited for having a playdate today. They kept telling our teachers, they are having a playdate and are so happy for it.  At the carpet area., we watched a dinosaur video. We always love to talk about them! Clean up time already??? YES! We are going to have a  long park time today after we finish snack time.

We then got ready for Moms to come. Before they came Kiki and Pauline introduced the giant world map we had up in the library. They explained that we would be traveling around the world and charting our route in this map. When we visit the  country we will also put down an Ohana flag to represent Petals Class was there. Petals class children will also have to figure out what transportation we would have to use to get there. Children got very excited and couldn’t stop looking at the map all day.

Before we knew it, we saw the mommies coming into the classroom.

The moms introduced their country and where in America they were from. Then Sunny ready an interesting book about baseball. They explained that in America baseball is a very, very popular sport. The book was called, “Take me out to the Yakyu” by Aaron Mishon. The story was about the difference in American baseball and Japanese baseball.

We then learned how to play baseball, and ran to our pretend bases. When we reached our last ’base’ we were given a cracker jacks (popcorn) as a little treat. Some of our friends also decided to eat them for snacks.

No circle time or conversation about America can be complete without singing “USA come on baby America!” So we ended the lovely circle time with a dance party!

Thank you again Moms for a wonderful look into American culture!

IT’S PARK TIME! As you can see in the photos, we had a wonderful time. When we played with the slide, we made a Petals train. We said, “Choo-Choo!” we all laughed and continued doing it. We said, Hiiiiii to Pauline and Sayaka too. Ryoma and Lio tried hard to catch Kiki, but she just runs away from us! Our teachers always teach us to sharing the park, so when we see children from another schools, we show our respect and take turns to play. We think that we did a wonderful job today!

After we spent a long time at the park, we headed to Ohana for Maki’s birthday party. Maki came to Petals and helped us last month so we felt that we knew her more! We are  very happy to celebrate her special day. She told us, ”I  have a baby in her tummy!” We cant wait to see her baby soon. Again, happy birthday to Maki. We are hoping that we will play with her again soon in Petals Class.


Thank you very much for today! Tomorrow there will be NO SCHOOL and on the 11th.

Have a wonderful evening and see you next Tuesday


 All the loving friends in Petals class.


Ohana International School