Travel To Australia

We visited Australia once again today. We felt that people living in Australia are very lucky because they are able to see a lot of special animals everyday!

We had a wonderful time with M’s daddy and mummy. They read a book, sang a song, played a game, and even got a special treat from them!


Good morning Petals!

We noticed that it’s rainy today…. S said, “Oh no! its rainy! No park!”. Many of us spent a long time playing with Sakura play dough this morning. We called it our  Sakura playdough because it was pink. We also remembered that we helped Sayaka to make it yesterday. At the carpet area, we enjoyed playing with animal toys. While playing some of us had early snack time, so we wouldn’t get too hungry for our special day.

 Our teachers told us that we are heading to Australia today! Yaaaay! How lucky we are to go there twice! Do you know who is coming? M told us, “My mommy and daddy are coming today!” He also said that there are some beaches in Australia, but sadly doesn’t remember their name. He told us he always has fun in those beaches. After hearing that, we were ready to learn more about this special country!

Knock– Knock...Who is here? It’s M parents. We greeted M daddy (M) and mommy (H)! They asked us at first if we knew something about their country. Hmmmm...Oh, we know some animals that are living in Australia, like…..Koalas, Kangaroos...and...wombat! (Thank you C( H’s mother) for teaching us about it) They also asked us if we knew where Australia is on the map.... B volunteered to point it out. H mentioned that Australia is an island like Japan. It means that the place is surrounded by the ocean. Australia is actually much bigger than Japan! In Australia, there are so many special animals that you cannot find in other parts of the world. As there is so much water around Australia, it’s hard for the animals to travel to other countries, so they are stuck in Australia only.

They then introduced some animals such as Kangaroos, Koalas, Wombats, Platypus, Wallaby, Tasmanian devil, kookaburra, sugar glider and many more!! After that H read a special book, “OUT IN THE BUSH” It’s a counting animal book with all Australian animals. There were many interesting animals in the book that we hadn’t seen before. As we counted M’s dad passed out soft toy animal from Australia.  By the end we all had an animal from Australia to hold on too!

We then learnt a new song about Kookaburra. She is a queen of the bush and sits on the old gum tree...We just listened to the song with our hearts, it had a beautiful melody and fun words to sing along with. We would also like to add the M’s parents also had amazing and beautiful voices!!! We would like to listen to their singing forever... (Our teachers kept singing the song over and over even after they left, because we loved it!)

We will put the link to the song in the email for you to listen at home.

After that we did a fun game! M asked us to make a big circle. He said that  we should pretend to be an old big gum tree like in the song. One friend will walk around holding the kookaburra toy and pretending that it was flying around. H would play the song, and when the music stopped, the kookaburra stopped on one of “gum tree”, which meant that friend would become the next kookaburra. It’s very similar to duck-duck-goose, but without the tagging and running around. We enjoyed it so much! They also had a special treat for us made by Magnus’s dad, it’s a special Australian cookie...YUM! Thank you very much for coming! We strongly feel that we want to visit Australia again, because it was such a wonderful time with you in class!


We were so lucky today... We got free playtime just before lunch time. Some of us made a zoos and houses for animals...hmmm we wonder where they got that idea from. We are sure that visiting Australia inspired us to create them! Again, a big thank you to M, H, and M! Time passed by so quickly and we wished we could play and learn more!


Thank you very much for today! Tomorrow will be NO Plastic day

Have a wonderful evening and see you tomorrow


 Happy and busy travelers from ALL PETALS


Ohana International School