Homemade Tomato Sauce


Criss cross apple sauce, don’t forget tomato sauce…. That’s what we always sing during the circle time to sit nicely. We know apple sauce but, we are not exactly sure what tomato sauce is….

Today, when we entered the classroom, we smelled something good. John wore the apron and told us that he is going to cook tomato sauce for us and he needs some help. Buds friends did their morning jobs quickly with little help from teachers and gathered around at the cooking table. John kindly offered us to cut onion, cherry tomato and garlic with a small knife. He made sure that everyone hold the knife carefully and looked at the vegetables when they cut them. After that, he put the vegetables in the hotpot and added tomato juice and some spice such as little of black pepper and basil. When it started to boil, our classroom smelled yummier and yummier. Meanwhile, our friends moved to the carpet area and art table. At the carpet area, we continued to play with sensory floor and up-down road. It was nice to be barefoot and felt different textures. At the art table, one of the teachers helped our friends to use scissors and cut various kind of materials, such as construction paper, fabric and bubble wrap. The bubble wrap was the hardest to cut, and the construction paper was the easiest to cut with scissors that our friends almost able to cut it by themselves. While we were exploring the activities, John said that tomato sauce is ready! We gathered at the cooking table again to taste the tomato sauce.

The tomato sauce was tasty and we were very proud of ourselves that we made the delicious tomato sauce!

Next, we moved to the carpet area for the circle time. We greeted teachers by saying, “Good morning, (child’s name) (ex., Good morning Tamara)” and check who is here and not here today.

After that, Chiaki showed some pictures of children at preschool. Chiaki explained to us that Ohana put up a school in Cambodia and those pictures were from preschool in Cambodia. There were pictures of Ohana Learning Tree Building, children’s smile and the children having an drawing activity with crayons. Then, Chiaki brought large water bottle filled in with coins and bill. She said, our family collected those coins to school in Cambodia so that they can buy materials for art activity and toys to play.

Chiaki asked friends,

Chiaki: When we draw something, we need to have crayons and papers. Is it ok to not have the crayons and papers at the Buds Class?

Friends: No!

Chiaki: How do you feel about that?

Friends: I feel sad…

Chiaki: Those friends in Cambodia too. They feel sad if they don’t have crayons and papers. How about if you have papers and crayons at school, how do you feel?

Friends: Happy!

Chiaki: Right, we feel happy and also Cambodia friends too. Those coins help them to get papers and crayons and we can make them happy. Who would you like to give coins to them by using the special box (coin box)?

Friends: Me, me!

Chiaki put some coins on the floor and all the friends put the coins in the coin box nicely. After putting all the coins in it, Chiaki read the book called Girls Can do Anything and when all of friends were ready, we changed the shoes and went to the Step park.

At the lunch time, we tried tomato sauce again and we filled our tummy with delicious foods.

Thank you!

Ohana International School