Buds Birthday Bonanza

♪♪ Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!♪♪


          Happy Happy Birthday to our beloved friends from Buds! We celebrated A and R’s third and Ak’s second birthday together. A, R, and Ak were very excited to see their mommies come to Buds Class. We started the birthday party with lots of singing and dancing. Ak’s mommy M, read us one of Ak’s favorite book. It was a Japanese book and on one page there would be a color and when u turned the page the color turned into an animal. Our friends know a lot of animals so they were able to guess what the animal was by just the color and sound they made. Our teachers were working along with the mommies to finish preparing an art activity for us. Our teachers called us two by two and told us we were going to do hand printing art. We got either yellow or green paint and we dunked our hands right into the paint. Everyone knows by now that we love art, we love messy art!

We all took turns slapping paint on a white sheet of paper and then washed our hands. We all sat down and our mommies prepared for us a special treat! M baked us a yummy cupcake with some cool blue cream on top. The cupcake had raisins in it and the cream on top was made from soy bean. They were delicious! N and K brought us fresh fruits and apple juice for all of our friends! We all feasted on the treats and it was time to say good-bye to N, K, and M. Thank you very much for stopping by and sharing us yummy treats!

Mr. Sun was shining brightly outside and was calling all of our names to come outside to play with him. We couldn’t say no so we all quickly got ready for the park and headed outside. Thankfully Step Park is finally open so we can still make it to the park. On our way to the park we looked around searching for the big, hungry, angry, T-rex, dinosaur. Our friends could hear him in the distance and apparently he was coming from behind us. We had to walk on our tippy toes because we needed to be quiet so the dinosaur wouldn’t find and eat us. We made it to the park safely and we stayed in the brand new green area and we chased our teachers. We got a solid 20 minutes to run wild and we headed back to school quietly. We devoured our lunch and we went to sleep.

Enjoy your weekend and we will see you all on Monday!



Birthday Lovers of Buds 2019


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