What do you love?

February 1st

We are friendly, we are kind, we are helpful, we are Buds!

Wow, we can’t believe it’s February already, the first month has flown by. Today was such a beautiful and sunny day to end our week. After we finished our morning jobs, some of us had already worked up an appetite and decided to eat our snack straight away.

At the tables Nimo helped us with our craft activity. We used red, green, yellow and blue paint and our alphabet foam stamps to stamp different letters. Our letters all had different textures and patterns and we were curious to see how the paint stamp would turn out on paper.

On the carpet we played with our lego vehicles and wooden train set. We joined all the lego cars together to make a super long car. We also made a wonderful train track for all our trains to run along.

During circle time with Tamara we spoke about what we love to do with our friends at Ohana. Then we took our name cards and placed it next to the toys we love to play with and share.

K and S love people figurines.

R loves lego.

L, Z and K love cars.

A, R, C and A love animal figurines.

O loves wooden blocks.

A, A and A love the wooden train set.

R loves to love.

We read the book “Little Blue Truck” by Alice Schertle. It’s about a friendly little blue truck who makes friends with a lot of farm animals. He is quick to help out when others need it and when he needs help, all his friends are there to support him. We also love to help out our friends when they need it. Some of us are quick to lend a hand when we can see a friend in need. From helping with shoes and jackets to assisting friends to climb the stairs. We love to help!

We took advantage of the beautiful sunshine and braved the cold wind to enjoy our free play at the park. Even though it is cold outside that doesn’t stop Buds from a good time outdoors.

Have a lovely weekend,

The loving and helpful Buds.x

Ohana International School