Autumn picnic


The weather is getting cooler each day and we are happy to feel the fresh air of Autumn, we had another beautiful day with friends ;)

<Making our own tree>

On one of the tables we continued making our tree art with John. John helped us use the foam mesh wrap with brown paint to stamp some unique patters on the paper to make the trunk of a tree. Some of our friends used a paint brush instead of the foam mesh wrap and drew a tree with a lot of branches. We wonder what we are going to do with our special tree next time!

<Tracing a leaf>

We saw a lot of different types of leaves on the table. We used transparent paper and traced the leaves by using yellow or red paint with paint brush. Erika guided us to look at the leaf carefully and trace it.

<Kamishibai <Picture-story show>

After morning free play time, we gathered on the carpet and had Japanese story time. As we will have sports day next week, Chiaki read a story about sports day. In the story, we saw the vegetables playing tug of war and tamaire and we realized that we need to have team work in order to be successful in the game! We are sure on sports day we are going to corporate with each other and enjoy winning the game!

<Picnic and Music in the park>

Before having snack time our teachers told us that we are going to the park. We wondered where and when are we going to eat our snack? When we arrived the park, Tamara set up the picnic sheet and our snacks to have a picnic and enjoy the beautiful weather. Eating our snacks under the sun and in the fresh air made our snacks yummier and yummier, it was really nice to eat our snack at the park.

After our picnic, John played the Ukulele and we had a music session, We sang Skidamarink and gave hugs to friends, we also ran around and around singing Wheels on the Bus. Then we practiced our sports day in the green area. We made one big line and when John said, “Ready go!” we ran to the other side, then we made another big line and ran back again.

Have a wonderful day!

Lots of love, Buds children