We Are Ready For Sports Day!


It was nice and cool today.  We practiced how to play Tamaire. We are so excited to sports day. Go, go Petals! Ganbatte Petals!

 Morning fun

“Good morning!” We greeted each other. At the big table we had sweet potato drawing with Sayaka. Some friends did hand painting and cutting activity with Pauline. At the small table, we had our favorite game, Zingo, with Nimo. He usually picks a card and tells us what card he got. But, today some of us tried to pick the card and tell our friends what we got. We did a good job! We can try to play with it without teacher’s help….maybe? At the carpet area, we enjoyed playing with Lego blocks. Also, we were happy to have a costume party. After we cleaned up what we played with, we had our circle time greetings before snack. The weather reporter for this week is Harriet and Reika. They checked outside and told us that it’s sunny today. We wonder if there are no clouds today...hmm...Akira said, “It’s cloudy today because my mom said so!” Then Sayaka said that if there is only the sun, it’s sunny. But, there is a sun and some clouds. If it is so….”Then today is cloudy!” We shouted out. “Do you think we can go to the park, when it’s cloudy???” Why not! Sayaka told us that we will practice one of the games for sports day which is Tamaire. That sounds nice! We were hungry so we decided to have snack time.

 Circle time

After snack time, we all gathered at the big carpet. Sayaka said that Mira and Sinem have a special treat for us. Mira went to Disneysea and her family bought special Halloween rice crackers for us. Mira gave it to everyone and we put it inside our backpack to share with you. Alexis (Sinem’s mom) baked sweet potato cake for us. Sayaka showed it us and smelled it. She said, “This smells sooooo good!!!” She added that we will eat it after lunch because we just had snack. We all asked her, “Can we smell and eat it NOW?” Hahahaha! We can’t wait to eat it! Again, thank you so much for special treats, Megumi(Mira’s mom) and Alexis (Sinem’s mom)  Now, let’s practice Tamaire for sports day. Sayaka explained the rule for Tamaire and divided us by two teams which are team Blue and Red. Team blue needs to throw the balls  into the blue basket as many as we could. For red team, throw them into the red basket. The result was….red team won! Teachers told us no matter win or lose, the importance of sports day is to try our best and show our respect as always. We are so ready for sports day. After that we headed to the park because we don’t want to miss our park time!


We had a beautiful today! We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!



Happy children in Petals Class