Last Monday, we had a great opportunity to dig some sweet potatoes. Today, we had some talk about where other fruits and vegetable such as orange, grapes, banana, pinecone and sweet potato grow. Using a brown paper with a slit, our teacher put one fruit and vegetable at a time. Then we had an exciting little chat about it:

Teacher: Does grape/banana/orange grow under the soil?

Buds Children: Noooo!

Teacher: Does pinecone grow under the soil?

Buds Children: (looked at the pinecone closely)

We were so in awe that we took turns in touching the pinecone. Z said, “It’s ouchy!”.. Some of us thought it felt a bit ouchy, too. But, we know that pinecones do not grow under the soil. Our friend said so.

K: Pinecone comes from a tree.

Yes, indeed! Pinecones do not grow under the soil because they come from a tree.

Teacher: Does sweet potato grow under the soil?

Buds Children: YES!!!!!

We know that sweet potatoes grown under the soil! Last Wednesday, we had sweet potato chips. Today, we had boiled sweet potatoes and tried to compare it with the chips by using the words soft or hard. In the class, we had sweet potato chips and boiled sweet potatoes prepared in class. R and K volunteered to taste the potato chips. We kept quiet and tried to listen to the crunchy sound they made when they bit on the chips. Then, some of us tried a bite of the boiled sweet potatoes and they were soft and did not make any crunch sound. It was good for us to know that the sweet potato can become hard or soft or crunchy depending on how you cook it. Either way, they were very delicious!

We were able to easily identify our faces that don’t have our eyes on them. It was very impressive to see how some of us can even recognize their friends” pictures. You could see how Sara and K looked closely at their own pictures, while S said, “Mine!” when he saw his picture was up!

After our snack time, we went for a walk to the temple. It was a perfect weather for a walk! We saw different kinds of vehicles such as trucks, cars and motorcycles. We went up and down the hill with no problem at all! Can you see how well we could walk while holding on to our rope?

For free play, we had a great time playing with different kinds of vehicles and animals. Some of our friends loved lining them up in a line, while some of us enjoyed playing in front of the mirror with it.

On the other stations, we had play dough, blocks and pegs. Guess what? Our birthday celebrant, S made herself a cake using play dough! Happy 3rd birthday again, dear Sara!!!

We loved making different shapes using cutters and by rolling the play dough. With pegs and blocks, we enjoyed pressing them and putting them together using our tiny fingers.

Of course, our day in Buds Class will not end without lots of singing good music together! Our singing time is very special today because we sang S a happy birthday song!

Have a very good weekend everyone! See you next week!

Lots of love, Buds Class Children