The Autumn Season

October 3rd 2019

What do you see in Autumn

It was a wonderful day today.

Morning fun

“Good morning!” We greeted our friends and our teachers cheerfully. At the small table, we had cutting activity and making thank you card for people who helped us to sweet pota-to digging. Some children started sweet potato observational drawing. At first we used pencils to make shapes of the potato. We used the magnifying glasses to take a closer look. Then we realized that some thin strings were coming out from the potato. We were wondering what they were. Sayaka said that they are called roots. Oh, yes! We remem-bered that Pauline told us about it yesterday. Plants get nutrition and drink water with roots to grow. So, we drew roots as well. After that we colored with purple, black, and brown crayons. We couldn’t finish it all, so we will continue it tomorrow. We all worked to-gether to quickly pack our stuff away and roll up the mats. Today is Thursday and on Thursdays, we have Ballet Class with Maryna. The dances are so much fun and it uses a lot muscles we normally don’t use. They also were a great and fun way to stretch our bodies!

Circle time

We sat on the big carpet. S told us today is special days for two petals friends. One is M because today is M’s actual birthday! Happy birthday M! We smiled and sent our happy birthday wishes out to her. Thank you M (M mom) for the special treats she brought us for snack time. She brought us yummy popcorn for our snack time. (We sang happy birthday song for her, of course!). She introduced new our friend, K. We all said, “Hi!” he was a bit busy to get ready for going to the park at that moment. We are very happy to have a new friend in Petals. Today we talked and learned about seasons. There were four seasons in Japan which are spring, summer, autumn, and winter. She showed us the book about season and asked us….

S: What is “Season”?

C: Season is the weather. Trees and colors.

H: Season is trees.

A: Leaves because they change colors.

R: Tree is funny. It’s playing.

O: Ants in the trees.

L: Rain drops.

K: I like leaves. Suki.

S: I think trees.

A: Maybe rainbows.

In the book called, A Tree for All Seasons by Robin Bernard, there were pictures of the tree in different seasons. S first started with the pictures of winter.

S: Look at the tree what do you see?

Petals: There are no leaves!

A: There’s so much snow!

Next page was spring…

A: Leaves!

A: Ohana…. Ummm…. Flowers

S: (turns the page and asks) How do you feel in summertime?

A: So Hot!

S: (turns the page) how about Autumn? How does it look?

A: Lots of Orange leaves!

O: Pumpkins! Oh, it’s Halloween!

After that she showed us some photos of the changing leaves.

K: Kore Nani Iro?

T: Orange!

A: umm.. And yellow!

H: I see red!

At park, we saw flower children today. We a bit long circle time today so we had short park time. The weather was so nice and cool we had a fun time at the park! Even though we ran around a lot we didn’t sweat so much!

We had a beautiful today! We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!


Happy children in Petals Class