Vege Pasta!

          We were lucky this morning because the rain wasn’t falling when we arrived. Then a little while later it started to pour like a waterfall. Good thing we were busy today and stayed inside or else we would be soaking wet! Watching the rain fall so hard was pretty cool and a lot of our friends were glued to the window staring at the rain.

We had so much to do in the morning. The main activity this morning was our cooking activity with Sayaka. Yesterday we talked about our circle time we had a few weeks ago about food we like and don’t like and that we would cook them into pasta. At the time when Sayaka said it we didn’t really think we would do it, and after a few weeks we kind of forgot about it. Then, today when we entered the classroom we saw the cooking materials and the ingredients on the table. We had onions, mushrooms (shimeji), tomatoes, and broccoli. We sat down and Sayaka handed us plastic knifes to help cut the ingredients. We chopped everything up into small pieces then we watched as Sayaka put everything in a pot and started cooking up the sauce. She put the pot in the corner where we couldn’t touch and we were free to go out and play until our snack time.

Out in the carpet area we had the play huts out to hang out it. We all grabbed our favorite things in the classroom and relaxed in the huts with our friends. Other friends went over to do their sweet potato art.

The cooking took a long time so we had an extended free play time and then we packed away. We talked a little about responsibility again and that the reason we have to clean up is because it’s our job to take care of our things and if we don’t we aren’t respecting our toys and our teacher won’t let us play with them.

After a short talk we all sat down and Sayaka lined up our cooking. We started with some boiled broccoli. Sayaka had us at least try a bite before we could say we don’t want or didn’t like. Surprisingly, most everyone liked it and had more than one broccoli! Once we finished our broccoli we were offered the pasta we made together. Everyone like that! After we finished our pasta Sayaka asked, our friends who didn’t finish their boiled broccoli and asked them, “Did you like the Pasta?” They all said yes. Then Sayaka said something that shocked them, “Did you know, there was lots of broccoli in your pasta?” Our friends jaws dropped and started at the Sayaka. Guess we really should give things a try, we might be pleasantly surprised like today!

Once we finished our snacks we gathered around for circle time. We talked about storms today because there is a massive storm coming to Tokyo tomorrow!

Nimo: What is a storm?

U: Kaminari

A: You see thunder and lightning

K: In Shanghai there’s always typhoon, why is there always typhoon?

Great question let’s talk a little about typhoons!

Nimo: First off we need to know how thunderstorms happen. Water from land moves up into the sky, and guess what happens up here?

U: It’s hot!

Nimo: Close, what’s the opposite of hot?

A: Cold!

Nimo: What happens when water gets really cold?

O: Ice!

Nimo: So we have a cloud of ice and another cloud of ice, and they move towards each other. What’s happening?

C: Clouds moving with wind

A: They going to bump into each other

Nimo: That’s how lightning is made!

Then we talked about how the thunderstorms then make a typhoon and when the typhoon comes…

O: A lot of rain and a lot of wind

K: Scary!

O: if you’re outside you’re gonna be wet!

Nimo: Wind is so strong you might get blown away!

A: If mommy coming by car, she not be blow into sky

O: But, not the trains underground


We finished up our conversation about being prepared and being safe!

 On Monday we will be having fun with the sun on Monday for our Ohana Sports Day! See yall at Nanzan!



Pasta Chefs of Petals 2019


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