Focus, Think and Go!

Happy New Year from Petals Class!

Today we had a very important growth lesson with the children, as we go into our second term of the school year.

We had puzzles out for the children to play with, along with colour sorting activities. In the carpet area, we took out the train tracks, which is always a big hit with the children.

This morning they made a huge track around the room, and started placing houses and stations, just like a real town. The children’s minds are expanding more and can start imaging aerial views of places they have been.

After all that fun, it was time for circle time with Kiki. We sand our morning song (which we all had missed) in the biggest voices possible. We went around asking how everyone was feeling today, which was an  unanimous, “I am hungry!” Kiki told the children the importance of a good breakfast and that everyone should be eating at home. The children then clarified that they were all ate at home, but were hungry because they were looking forward to eating their snacks in class. Silly Petals!

Kiki then recapped the classroom rules with a game and discussed our “Success” ladder being re-started. Children got very excited to hear that they had another opportunity to have a party of their choice in class. She also added that we were not “young Petals” anymore, but older Petals class, which meant more responsibilities and more focus. Kiki introduced 3 new classroom jobs and this time, each child chose what job they would like for the week.

After our snacks we headed out to the Robot Park. We realised that our Petals haven't been walking properly, while they are on the rope. The teachers kept having to pull them, as they are not used to walking long distances. So we decided to take away the rope to teach children the importance of self awareness and their role in our community

They paired up with a friend, and had to think, focus and go. This is the next step of taking responsibility and self independence within the class. Children quickly realized the efforts that it took to walk alone, and with a friend. They had to look and listen for cars, stay close together, stay inside the white line and walk fast, all at the same time.

As you can imagine they were tiered after they came back from the park. Kiki then explained that this is what teachers do for them all the time, so now it was their turn to think, focus and go! We must say, they did an amazing job for their first time. We will keep practicing and developing our skills as the term continues.


Have lovely day and see you tomorrow!

THINKING and FOCUSING Petals class.