Welcome back and Happy New Year


What a wonderful day! It’s always nice to come to school with a beautiful sun showing up so brightly up in the sky. As we entered our room, we greeted our teachers with a pretty smile and we definitely missed our classroom and most especially, the amazing people that we interact with each and every day. We finished doing our morning jobs, we went inside our classroom and found our favorite trains and tracks on the carpet. We immediately grabbed our favorite trains and connected together to make a long line. We then went on chanting, “Choo...choo...train...chug, chug, chug!” Our friends and teachers were there to help us out to construct more tracks and we have made a big circle of tracks that we could move our trains on.

The activity tables were quite filled with interesting things as well. First, we had our fishing game. Chiaki made these toys and had some improvised fishing rods. At the tip of these rods, we found some glued magnets. These magnets could magnetize the fish and it was amazing how we could play with these and practice our hand and eye coordination skills.

The other table was filled with our connecting disks and Mr. Potato Head toys. Our friends can become very creative by combining different face parts on Mr. Potato Head. Sometime, we felt that they made a monster that has a weird face and we all smiled and looked at the silly figure.

The kitchen area was quite busy too. We have a new friend who came to our class. She’s very sweet that she always wanted to stay and play in the kitchen with her special baby.

Our circle time was quite entertaining too. Of course, we sang our good morning song and learned about our friends’ names. We also learned about the different colors and John showed us some popsicle sticks that we could use for identifying various colors. The sticks came in purple, red, blue, orange, yellow and green. John asked us to pick a color and we needed to find out who is wearing the same color. For example, John is wearing a pair of green shoes. So, we all took turns and learned that we’re wearing almost all of the colors that we have on our carpet. Great job everyone!

We went outside for park but when we arrived there, Step Park was under construction. We went a little bit uphill and saw the whole construction site. We hope that they could fix it sooner so that we could play there. We just had a walk around the neighborhood and saw a lot of cars on the road and helicopters up in the sky.

Thank you so much Ohana and see you all again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the little huggers from Buds class