Kind Buds


We are Kind

What is it to be “kind”? Our teachers asked us this question today and we all brainstormed what it was to be kind.

Leon said, “I help my mommy and daddy at home!” O: “I help R!” Adam: “I help daddy push something” John: “You know, words can be kind too. Like saying Good Morning to someone. Who says good morning?” Buds Class: “ME!” John: “Then what can we say when someone helps us?” C: “Thank you” John: “What else can we do that’s kind to our brothers and sisters??” Ak: “I want to be kind to baby and give toys” Ch: “I can put the baby in the baby chair so the baby can eat his food” C: “Doing beads and numbers, and playing different toys, and packing them away, and I don’t stomp on the toys.” U: “Play with baby and play with ball” John: How can we be kind to daddy? A: “Play! With some toys!”

During John’s circle time today he did a puppet show with a doggy and a bear. The doggy was playing in the park when the bear who was very selfish and didn’t want to share his toys nor use his gentle hands. We talked about how the bear wasn’t being kind, and the animals would play with doggy because he is kind and fun to play with.

After John’s puppet show, Nimo joined in with his Ukulele and we all sang some songs, our current favorite right now is “Love is something if you give it away”. We also sang another of our favorites, the “Good Morning song”. We moved on over to the library and Nimo read us a story, “The Selfish Crocodile” by Faustin Charles. This book was very similar to the story John told us. Instead of the bear being selfish and shooing friends away, the crocodile was also being selfish. We noticed how the other animals were sad and very troubled. The ending to the book is very nice! If you’re curious you should give it a read too!

We quickly got ready for the park and off we went to Ameshiro Kouen. It’s about a 15 minute walk for us, but that’s no problemo~. We sang songs, we greeted lots of people and give them smiles, and we saw and talked about a lot of shops we went by. We played for about an hour at the park and we were all sandy and dusty. Our teachers had us pat our bodies before we left so there would be sand left in the sandbox. The way back was a little tough because we were so tired from playing so hard at the park. Once we got to school we ate our lunch and before we knew it we were all sound asleep.

We had such a fun day, and thanks to Step Park being under construction we get to go to parks we normally don’t go to. We still miss Step Park and hope it opens back up soon!

Hope mommies and daddies had a great day too, and we are all ready for another great day tomorrow!


The kind children of Buds Class 2019

Ohana International School