Terrific Tuesday!

Yesterday’s magic soup- now it finally turned into magic sand!

Yesterday’s magic soup- now it finally turned into magic sand!


Dear Mom and Dad,

Today is Terrific Tuesday! We were able to go to the park today– but before that, a lot of things happened!

We continued discussing our “Filling the bucket” activity with Sayaka. She asked us what fills up our happy bucket, and we have to draw it and write it down for her. On the other table, we were surprised to see our magic soup turn into magic sand! It was pretty hard at first, but Liezel added a bit of water and dishwashing liquid in it. It then had a slimy texture and Pauline commented that it feels a bit odd. X was happily squishing it in her hand and she said, “I like it!” with a giggle. Y tried to slice it, and Z was scraping it off the table. W tried using cookie cutters on it.

We packed away, and after eating snacks, we prepared to go to the park. While we were waiting for our other friends to finish their snacks, Sayaka read the book, “Are You my Mother?” and after that she asked us teasingly if we knew our mother.

“I know my mother! My mother is Xyz!” V said.

“I know my mama, too!” Q said. “She works at home! Then she makes coffee!” she added.

We had our circle time after, and instead of the attendance leader checking attendance, this time we did it as a group. Pauline asked us to count off, and we counted sixteen children. She put out some colorful bug counters, a tweezer, and some number cards. She asked us to use the tweezers to put a counter on the number she calls out. Using the tweezers was a good practice for our fine motor skills, especially it helps us to do the froggy fingers, or the tripod grip. She laid out some number cards and called out sixteen. We helped each other to find sixteen; W showed us that 1 and 6 makes sixteen.

After that, Pauline asked us to count all the girls in the class. There were seven. She laid out different cards and asked us to look for number seven, which  X helped us to do. Then she asked us to look for number 12, and Y was able to tell where it was. Later on, she asked us how many boys were in the room and we counted nine, which Z helped us with.

We went to Robot Park after, and we had a nice walk. We are more used to walking without the rope now, and we’re doing our best to maintain a straight line. We made sure we are following the teacher, and the person in front of us. When we got to the park, our Flowers Class friends were there with us, and we were happy that we got to play with them.

What a Tuesday, huh? So, how was your day?


All the children in Petals Class



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