Welcome from the blossoming Flowers Class! Today was another terrific way to end the week. When we came in we noticed something different in the class but we couldn’t really pin point what it was… During circle time Kai asked, “What is different about the classroom?”

Em: Different clothes
Kai: Who has different clothes?
Em: Hmm.... everybody!
Kai: What else?
Tai: The ball
Kai: That’s right! I got this ball from Myanmar. I thought we could use this instead of the baseball we usually use.
Or: The Legos. They look different.
Al: There’s a new teacher.

That’s right! Yesterday we had Nanako and Pauline. Today Pauline was with us for parts of the day but Tamara came up from Buds Class as well. Teacher exchange is usually one teacher but we’re lucky enough to experience three different teachers. We sang our hello song introducing ourselves to Tamara and then went off to talk about anything that was on our mind.

Mo: I’m good. Because I drink something to get better. Milk.
Kai: Why were you not feeling good?
Mo: I had stomachache and I lie down.
Al: When it’s night time Na will come over to my house to eat.
Te: I’m going to Em’s house to play
Em: Yes! After Chinese and Japanese class.
Kai: What language are you going to speak when you play?
Te: English, of course! (Laughs)
Or: My mommy is different because my mommy has a baby inside. The baby gets baby toys and baby food and baby things and I’m going to teach her everything. I’m going to use gentle hands.
Al: My real baby on my holiday. The baby is my friend’s baby.

After we got everything out that we wanted to talk about Kai took out the projector and asked us to look at the blue screen. Then he took put something in front of the projector and asked us what it was.

Mo: It’s a wolf. Because there’s a tail!
Kai: How did you know it was a wolf?
Al: Because it opened it’s mouth!


We we’re right it was a wolf!

The next one…
Everybody: Goat!
Tai: Goat. Because goat have a circle ears.
Kai: That’s right. But they are actually horns.
Or: A camel. Because camels have circle ears.                                                               

Kai: This is called a ram. How do you know what it is? Is it from the shape? From smelling it? From touching it?                                                                               

Sa: Shape!                                                                                                           

Kai: Yes that’s right, When you only see the outline of something it’s called a silhouette.

Then he showed us another object.

Natan: Fireman! I know because of the hose.

This next one was a bit difficult.

Te: light

A: Water light.

Sa: Ribbon

Em: Snow globe

Mo: Snowman

Te: Bone


Can you guess what it is?

The last one was very tricky as well. Some of us knew what it does but don’t know what it’s called.

Sa: A fork because it has 3 things.

Em: A cutter because it’s got 3 shapes.

Mo: A crocodile because it has (Motions baby shark)

Na: A cutter because it has three holes

Te: Make a hole.

Kai: Do you mean a hole puncher?

Te: Yes

A: When you put together it goes. (draws an upside down “U” shape)

What do you think it is?

When we finished guessing we went and worked on our activities for today. Some of us worked on our canvas for the Gift Event. We found a silhouette of a tree that we liked and taped the inside of the tree. We wanted a big bushing tree! We wonder what we’ll do with it next...

Others were with Tamara playing with light and shadow. We took turns shining the light on a object and guessing what it was. Later we went around the room and found something ourselves. We also started making letter with our hands and then it turned into hand puppets. We also had other activities around the room if we wanted to play with them.

Right before snack time we had our 2nd Show and Tel!. Wi brought out something round in a large bag. He was super excited he actually told us what it was during circle time!

“It’s a ski helmet! I have a picture. When you want to stop you need to make a pizza.” Wi Sensei said. He showed us how to do the pizza and asked us to stand up. We all stood up and did the pizza with him. He also explained that if you want to go you move your stick to move. He told us that we need the helmet because “You bump into something then it don’t hurt your head.” We also had some questions for Wi sensei.

Ta: Where did you go?

Wi: We go to a place, there is snowing. We drive and we are hot.

Al: Why did you bring that picture?

Wi: Because I want to snow everybody and for everybody to ski.

Sa: Why did you bring the helmet?

Wi: Because I want to bring, so everyone can ski and everyone can buy a ski helmet.


Awesome show and tell William sensei. Thanks for teaching us how to ski. We wish we can all have the opportunity to go play in the snow.


Of course we couldn’t waste such a beautiful sunny day. After snack time we headed off to Robot Park to burn off our energy. Woo! What an informative busy day to end the week. It was interesting learning about light shadow and silhouettes. We hope you’ve also enjoy your day. See you next week! 



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