We love Buds!


Good morning everybody! It’s another beautiful day in Buds class. The weather has become a lot colder than before and we actually need to move our bodies a lot more in the classroom. Starting our day with our morning jobs always gets us in the rhythm of things in our class. We also loved to help our other friends if they are a bit confused of what’s the next step that they need to do in class.

The tables were quite busy with some daily activities that we do in our class. One table has a threading and beading activity. We sat down for a long period of time because we wanted to put them all together in one lace. Tamara was there to help us out and she’s quite patient with us as we have created our own necklace. She also explained to us that the wooden beads go to the wooden box and all the other stuff should go to the container.

We had our ocean art from yesterday and now it was our time to stick some paper on them. We’re asked to create our own world map regardless of the actual appearance of it. We took out all the ripped pieces of paper that we did last time and stuck them on our ocean art. The result was fantastic but the process of doing it was much even better.

The carpet was busy with people figurines and trains. Oh how we all love trains. We sang a lot of song while playing with these toys as Nimo played his ukulele with all of his favorite songs like Country Road and Obladi ohblada. Thank you for sharing your music to us, Nimo!

After free play time, we all gathered around and did the roll call again. We sang our good morning song. We also learned a chant, “Buds class, Buds class, go, go, go!” We felt like that it was Sports Day again but the reason why we’re learning this is because we wanted to understand which class we are in. Our teachers also asked us about who’s in other classes too. For example, “Where’s Kai right now?” Our friends would say, “He’s in Flowers class.” and so on. We figured it out which class we belonged to and we’re quite happy of knowing that we are in a very special class. Chiaki then talked about “Who do we love in Buds class?” and we answered all our friends’ names. It seems we all love one another. Great job, Buds!

After our circle time, we had our snacks and went out for a walk. Although we feel the crispy wind on our faces, we said “Hi” to the people we passed by and it is always nice to see their smiles.

Thank you so much for another beautiful day and see you all again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the fun children from Buds class

Ohana International School