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Happy Friday everyone! It is so lovely to have everyone back together again after three long weeks, we can’t believe the first week of Ohana has flown by already. Some of us are still adjusting to the routine, but most of us are so happy to be back with our Ohana Family.

This morning on one activity table we were busy fishing with our magnetic rods catching all sorts of sea creatures—dolphins, seals, fish, turtles and more. We also found it fun to catch the ends of the other rods, we were surprised when the magnets on the ends of the rods joined together.

Chiaki worked with us on the other activity table, she helped us with shuji (Japanese calligraphy). We all had the opportunity to use the brush and ink to write “ichi” in hiragana (the number “one” ). We also had the chance to use the brush freely to see the beautiful brush strokes we could do on our own.

During circle time with Tamara we spoke about sharing. We have had time away from Ohana and we have also welcomed new students into our class so it important that we all look after each other and work together to share our toys. We took turns in choosing a toy and sharing it with a friend until everyone had one! We felt happy to share with all our friends, as well as our teachers.

Along with the coldness, winter in Japan also brings beautiful blue skies so we were keen to get out into the cold crisp air and go to the park. As Step Park is closed we made our way to Robot Park to play on the beautifully coloured slides and the super duper long rolling slide! We all worked up such an appetite that we couldn’t wait to get back to school for lunch and then a much needed nap.

Lots of Love

The Sliding Loving Buds.x

Ohana International School