Feet, feet and more feet

    Friday! Friday! Friday! We had a fun and entertaining morning when we came into class today. N concentrated hard on a puzzle all by himself, flipping each puzzle piece over then finding it’s place. An, A, Te and Ta worked on a different puzzle together. Sa and Al used the animal counters to make restroom lines. There was a boy’s line and a girl’s. The girls one were longer than the boys.  Ke, Li, Mi and Av we’re having a party in the kitchen. Gr, E, Mo, Et, Lo, and W were playing with the big Lego blocks.

   When we were done with free play we had our circle time. K suggested that we sing a song. He wanted to sing a love song and started singing, “I love you Mommy. You know … “ Liezel remembered the song from music class and she helped K by singing, “I love you Mommy. You know that’s true. I love you Mommy. I want to be with you.” but how can we sing that to include our friends? We ended up adapting to song to. “I love you K. I want to be with you. I love you Lo. I want to be with you.” and we went around the class and singing everyone’s name. It was a great new song to add!

    Since Hisami played the game with us yesterday where we had to guess our friends faces. We played a different kind of game today. Kai, Liezel, Hisami and Maki took off their shoes and socks to show us their feet. When then had 30 seconds to look at them and remember which one is which. Next they put their feet away and Kai brought out pictures of their feet and we had to guess which one belongs to who. When he took out the first picture K immediately shouted “Maki!” and he was exactly right. We then compared what an adult feet looks like compared to children’s feet. Mo said, “There is big feet and small feet.” Kai also mentioned to look at the skin and fat on the feet. Our feet tends to be more chubby and smoother. Some of the feet also has bites marks on them from mosquitoes. 


    After the investigation it was time for us to look at our own feet. We took sometime to examine our feet and then we had a treasure hunt. We broke up into 4 groups and tried to find the picture of our feet around the room. The teachers helped us in our quest to find our feet and name our friends feet. We had clip boards with all of our names on it and each feet has a number beside it. We had to guess who’s it is and write the number beside the name. We noticed a lot of things just from looking at the feet. Some of us think almost every feet is our own and Some people noticed the nail polish and tried to guess by that. Some also tried to figure out if it’s a girls or boy’s feet first. Some looked at the shade of the feet and some looked at marks on the feet. Some looked at the size and some looked at jewelry on the feet. We had all sorts of way to distinguish our own feet. But at the end of the day it was hard to find out who’s feet belongs to who because we don’t really look at them very often. A few of us were able to find our own feet on the ground though! Kai later showed us which one is our real feet.

     It was a prefect day for the park today! It was hot but cloudy so it was perfect to spend lots of time at the park. That’s exactly what we did! We had the whole park to ourselves too! That concludes another wonderful day in Flowers Class. We hope you had an amazing day as well!


Flower’s Class Children




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