Fun Fingerplays!


Good morning everyone! Another fun day in Buds class, we definitely enjoyed every minute being here to play with our friends and teachers. Our new friends are becoming more settled in and it is so sweet to see them grow more with all of our friends in Buds. 
    We got the animal toys out again and some Duplo blocks. We really  loved construction and we could do this all day long. We can use our imagination as much as we could and we surely loved to show our own work to our teachers. 
    Nimo was so kind to play the ukulele with us and we are always entertained by the sound of the ukulele. For an instrument so small, it could radiate such wonderful resonance. After that, we also did a painting activity with Chiaki. She was so helpful to paint our hands and then we just made patterns on our paper canvas. Our hands looked very small but it will certainly become big later on. 
    It was a nice playful learning experience but we also needed to pack away our toys. Slowly, slowy, we are now getting more used to this routine so every time we hear the “Clean up time” song. We simply grabbed our toys and put them in the container. It is like a signal in the classroom that we really need to listen to. 
    We had our music session with John today. Our favorite songs we sang were…”Shake your sillies out, Head, shoulders, knees and  toes and Walking, walking” After that, we all sat down and showed our hands to everyone. We wriggle our fingers, clapped our hands, rolled our hands fast and slow. We also made a big and little spiders with our fingers and sand, “Itsy, bitsy spider”. Our teachers always fell that we need to practice our fine motor skills because this is very significant for our brain development. We will have more opportunities in practicing these skills so that when the time comes we move up to Petals, we’ll be ready. 
    Counting is so much fun too. We always like to count with our fingers and today, the  counting bears are to help us with our numbers. We took several pieces and we started to count them all. We’ve got 14 bears in different colors. We also categorized them according to their color and we definitely enjoyed separating them. We took turns in doing it until everything was in order. Thank you and great job everyone!
    It was also our piano session in Buds. We sat down and listened to some of our friends play the big instrument in our classroom. It sounded beautifully and our teachers were also singing some silly sounds. It was hilarious and we couldn’t stop laughing. 
    Hopefully, we can go to the park next week as we are really practicing hard to hold onto our rope. We will keep on doing what we have done in class. We really couldn’t wait to go out and play! Thank you so much Ohana and see you all again tomorrow!
Lots of love,
All the musicians in Buds class 2018-2019

Ohana International School